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Why Custom Boxes Should Be Essential for Every Business?

Printingblue March 16, 2022

The popularity of e-commerce businesses and online shopping has experienced massive growth in the past decade. The global viral pandemic, COVID-19 further changed the shape of human lifestyle making online shopping a necessity rather than simply a choice.

As of 2021, there are almost 2.14 billion global online shoppers. With more and more people switching to online shopping, the competition between businesses has also increased enormously. In this hyper-competitive situation, it has become very challenging for businesses to stand out. However, what most businesses are incorporating in their business plan to win over the customers is custom packaging.

Gone are the days when customers would love to receive a package without caring for how the box looks. Nowadays, people are most interested in the packaging than the actual product. Custom boxes are one such tool that is helping businesses of every niche to gain customers’ attention.

Following is the list of some of the many benefits that custom packaging has to offer for businesses to make them stand out.

Value for Money

Custom boxes may seem to be extra effort and money at first but keep in mind their potential in the long run. You should never question investing money in custom packaging because it surely will differentiate you from your competitors.

When a package arrives at the customer’s doorstep, the first thing they notice is how the package looks. You can either gain a customer through beautiful packaging at first sight or lose one.

The only thing you need to do is opt for the unique design and creative outlook of your packaging. If customers are appealed to your packaging as well as product, they will surely become your regular customers. Consequently, the money you have invested in custom packaging will come back to you in higher numbers as your business’s revenue.


The typical brown boxes used by the majority of the shipping businesses are not durable at all. In a lot of cases, they arrive customers damaged due to transportation. This lowers a business standard in the eyes of customers. However, custom boxes that a business handpicks based on the nature of its product are not only durable but reusable as well.

The stronger construction of corrugated boxes, rigid boxes, folding cartons, one-mailer boxes, etc. does not harm the product in any way. Apart from that, these boxes can easily stand long transit. When they finally reach the customers safely, customers can reuse them for other purposes as well.

In a lot of cases, customers use rigid boxes for multi-purpose storage. Depending upon the appealing design and colors of your packaging, reusability will also make them remember your brand for a long time.

Another prominent feature of custom packaging is its sustainability. Almost all of the custom packaging types currently trending are eco-friendly. If the customer decides to keep the box or discard it, it never harms the environment in any way. Moreover, people prefer to buy from businesses that use sustainable packaging rather than those that don’t.

Low-Damage Probability

It has been the most common complaint of online shoppers to date that products reach them damaged. It is because the businesses agree to deliver products without taking into account the safety of products. Delicate and short-lived boxes with bad customer experience destroy a business’s chance to survive.

Instead of packaging the product in a plain brown box, products must be packed in custom printed shipping boxes. The custom-designed shipping boxes not only ensure the safety of products but also build a business’s identity. People love to buy from brands that they are sure of that it won’t deliver then items damaged or destroyed.

Moreover, custom packaging also means fewer returns and refunds. In the case of low-quality boxes, return instances are sometimes more than the purchasing. But, if your business uses custom packaging that is less prone to damage, you will not have to bear the expenses of returns and refunds at all.

custom printed shipping boxes

Customer Loyalty

Effective custom packaging makes customers feel special. When customers feel special and well taken care of by a business, they surely trust that business over others. Every renowned brand that is enjoying popularity and success these days is because it has built a trust and satisfaction relationship with its customers.

Packaging is the extension of a business’s vision. You do not need words but you can transfer your message to your customers through packaging. When businesses incorporate their visions in the packaging effectively, customers automatically feel connected with it. This connection has a long-term result of customers becoming regular customers or ultimately brand ambassadors of the business.


Custom packaging is an effective tool for businesses to increase their visibility. Custom packaging of your brand represents your business to a large audience. Your customers are not the only ones looking at the packaging. From the warehouses it is built into shipping company, delivery boy, customers friends, and family, your packaging is seen by all of them. You need to make an impact on all of them as it is your chance of marketing your business free of cost.

Your packaging must be unique and eye-catching at the first sight for people to look out for your brand. Moreover, if you succeed at meeting your customer’s expectations through your packaging, your customers will surely become your brand ambassadors. The brand ambassadors you never thought you needed. They will advertise your brand to their family and friends ultimately increasing your business reach.

The Bottom Line

Custom packaging is the most trending tactic within the business industry nowadays to gain the attraction of customers. Custom packaging is a brand’s opportunity to set itself apart from its competitors. Customers want unique designs and creative outlooks of boxes they receive their items in. Every business needs to step up its standard of packaging ensuring quality and uniqueness.

However, creating a magical spell through custom packaging is not as easy as it seems from far. Investing in appealing yet out-of-the-box designs needs a lot of effort and planning.

Our team at Vista Printing is specialized in designing custom boxes for the business of every niche. Analyzing your customers, products, and the message you want to convey through your packaging is our business to handle. Reach out to our team of specialists to sort all your issues of designing and printing custom packaging.

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