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What Are The Most Frequently Asked Questions About Why Do Dry Cleaners Just Wash Clothes?

ameliamaria September 8, 2021

The question of “Do dry cleaners just wash clothes?” is one that I get asked a lot from friends and family, as most have no idea how the business runs or what the difference between a dry cleaner. A dry cleaner is not like a Laundromat, but instead it is a business that uses no electricity to dry your clothes, but instead you drop your clothes into a drum and they are exposed to a blast of hot air. The dust, the dirt and the lint are all sucked right out of your clothes!

I know some people that dry clean their clothes at home, but I wouldn’t do it often. I believe in going to a dry cleaner once a year. One good thing about dry cleaning is that it does eliminate a lot of the lint, dust and dirt that accumulate in your clothes over time. Dry cleaning also saves you money by not having to buy new clothes, which seems like a lot of money to me. But there are some downsides to dry cleaning as well, especially if you don’t do it right. Here are some things to consider before you decide to dry clean your clothes at home.

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Do dry cleaners really just wash clothes?

First of all, if you use your dry cleaner very often, then I’m sure that your dryer is probably spending more energy than you are using it! When a dry cleaner heats up the air to over 160 degrees F, it takes more energy. So if you’re using your dryer frequently, then do read the dry cleaner’s policy on electricity usage to be sure that it will not increase your electric bill any. Also, many dry cleaners use a form of bleach to sanitize your clothes.

I’m not sure if it’s worth the cost, but many people do bleach their clothes before they put them in the dryer. Bleach, though used in small amounts, is still harmful to your clothes and can irritate your skin. So, you should definitely ask your dry cleaner about the bleach that they use. If they don’t use any bleach, or only use a very mild form, then that might be okay for you.

Dry cleaners just wash clothes?

Some people feel that if they only do a part of the job at home, such as putting bubble wrap on cami tops and other clothing items, that they are only helping to reduce pollution. However, if you have clothes that need to go into the dryer, then you might be better off just washing them yourself. It might seem like extra work, but if you think about how much money you would save by not buying new clothes, it might be worth a few extra minutes in the laundry room every week.

Do clothes need to be washed in hot water?

If you have very delicate fabric that needs to be dried immediately after drying, then you might be fine with using a clothes dryer. Some machines will be able to use a heat settings of around 140 degrees F, which is what most professional dryers are set up to do. This probably isn’t a concern for you if you only want to wash clothes once or twice a week and just use the machine to dry the rest.

Do dry cleaners just wash clothes? If you have children or pets, then you might want to consider a dry cleaning alternative. Many professional dry cleaners now offer an on-site wet dry cleaning service. These services are usually done in a health facility or church setting. Although not as convenient as visiting the dry cleaners, it might be worth the cost if your home is regularly full with pets and children.

As you can see, there are many questions regarding the question, “Why do dry cleaners just wash clothes?” It all depends on your preferences and budget. Determine what is important to you and find out if the dry cleaner you are considering offers the services you need. You might find out that they just wash clothes if you know what to ask!

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