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Why is Effective Communication so Important?

Ashish Kumar August 21, 2020

Communication is the essence of life. The best definition of effective communication is given by Anthony Robbins who says that, “To effectively communicate, we must realize that we are all different in the way we perceive the world and use this understanding as a guide to our communication with others.” So when the sender and receiver both are aware of their differences and yet stand at one page, this is indeed effective communication.

Effective communication aims at getting desired response both for the receiver and the sender. Communication has become the foundation of a successful life. Whether you are a student or a working woman or struggling in relationship issues; you need good communication skills that will help you overcome every challenge.

Let us explain you the importance of effective communication –

  1. For students and teenagers – Students need effective communication habits to score good marks in examinations, to be in the good books of teachers, to take lead in personality development classes and groom their personality. Good communication skills ensure that you gain as much as knowledge as possible simply because communication skills embrace not just speaking but also listening, receiving and absorbing to the best of your abilities. Teenagers with good communication skills end up winning the trust of their parents with their openness and understanding.
  2. Work Life Success – Communication assumes paramount importance when you enter the work life. In any job whether you take up engineering or whether you choose to do MBA or whether you plan to go abroad for research or higher education; you need good communication skills. Even your study visa permit would be approved only when you’re impressive in your communication. Every job in the managerial or technical field mandates effective communication skills because that’s how you will progress in life.
  3. Leaders are good communicators – Good managers are considered leaders. Your effective communication skills would help you build a performing team, keep them motivated, achieve your personal goals at the workspace and climb up the ladder of management.
  4. Entrepreneurs need effective communication too – Even if you are planning to open a start up or take up entrepreneurial projects, effective communication skills will help you get connected with venture capitalists. You will be able to present your ideas and innovations in an impressive and impactful manner if you have good communication skills. You can hire professionals to make PowerPoint presentations for you but it would help you progress in life if you are able to present your idea to banks, investors, government and funding agencies; thanks to your communication skills. You can emerges as the brand ambassador of your idea and create your own success story with impactful communication.

There is no denying the fact that effective communication skills are as important as dressing up nicely or an impressive educational degree. Without effective communication skills, you are nothing but just a literate person. Remember, communication works for those who work at it. That’s the reason most of the leading universities of North India recognize the importance of grooming the students in communication skills. MM(DU) is one such educational institution where students are given workshops and personality development classes with a rigorous focus to improve their communication skills. To know more about the training programs given to the students of MM(DU), click link :-

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