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Why is my YouTube not working on TV

Tecaskit August 2, 2021
Youtube not working on tv
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YouTube is considered the well-known video streaming service across the globe. The application has various advantages as it can be streamed, connected on various devices very easily. Many people connect it on their Smart TVs to increase the enjoyment of going through the video. But many times it is noticed that users face issues while operating YouTube on TV. In this situation, the YouTube users get into a panic situation. It is really important to identify the reasons that Youtube not working on TV. We will focus on reasons with their solutions.

Let us see the reasons behind youtube not working on TV:

There are many reasons behind this issue as it requires more connectivity, compatibility, and functionalities. A few of the main reasons are mentioned below:

  1. The first reason can be the improper internet connection to operate youtube on tv. If you have an interrupted internet connection then it is obvious that you will face several issues using youtube.
  2. Your smart TV model is not compatible with the youtube app as this app needs compatibility to run on other devices.
  3. If your youtube is not updated or it is not the latest version of the app then it can raise issues.
  4. There are many caches in your app. It is the most common reason which can lead to the inability of youtube operation on tv.
  5. Youtube not working on tv can be due to the licensing issues with youtube then you will face these problems.

Fixing YouTube not working on TV Issue:

Solutions should be based on the identified reasons so it is advised to see the reasons first. Let us give a look at the below-mentioned solutions:

  1. First & Foremost you should check the internet connection. You have a proper internet connection while operating youtube on smart TV.
  2. In case you find that your smart tv model is not compatible with the YouTube app then you have to uninstall this app.
  3. Always get the latest version of the YouTube app or keep updating it to get the latest services.
  4. Clear all the caches and keep the cookies clean for the smooth operation of Youtube.
  5. Uninstall the youtube a and install it again to get the latest service.

As discussed Youtube not working on tv in various ways. We have seen various reasons for their detailed solution. In case if you have further doubts then you can contact Google customer service. The customer service remains available round the clock.

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