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Why Organic Farming is Best for New Generation

sonagoyal January 16, 2021

Why Organic Farming is Best for New Generation 

Agriculture is the primary source of livelihood for about 58% of India’s population. Since the last decade, there is a huge demand for food production. To ensure that artificial methods of crop production are used, chemical fertilizer is one of them. Chemicals are generally used in farming to make the soil healthy, but later pests are developed. 

By the use of chemicals, there are always health related problems and to overcome this Organic Farming is implemented. This method of farming uses ecologically based pest control and biological fertilizers. They are majorly derived from animal and plant waste and nitrogen mixed cover crops. Organic farming puts a huge impact on improving the environmental harm caused by chemical pesticides and synthetic fertilizers.

Today let’s discuss in brief about organic farming and how it is important for living beings, 

What is Organic Farming and how it is useful :

Organic farming is a technique which involves the cultivation of plants and rearing of animals inherently. This method involves the use of naturally made material. This farming system avoids using synthetic substances to ensure the fertility of the soil and ecological balance. 

It relies on ecologically balanced agricultural principles such as Crop rotation, Green manure, Organic waste, Biological pest control, mineral, and rock. This avoids the use of petrochemical fertilizers and pesticides. 

Type of Organic Farming :

Basically organic farming is categories into two types which are, 

  • Pure Organic Farming: In this type of farming, the use of unnatural chemicals are totally avoided. This uses fertilizer and pesticides extracted from natural sources such as bone meal or blood meal.  
  • Integrated Organic Farming: This type of organic farming consists of Integrated nutrients and pest management to reach economic requirements. 

Techniques Organic Farming :

There are majorly four technique involving in Organic Farming :

  • Soil management 
  • Weed management
  • Chemical management 
  • Crop diversity
  • Biological pest control

General Principle of Organic Farming :

Organic farming develops with these principles and contributes to the improvement in organic agriculture. 

Basically, there are four principal of organic farming; they are as follows :

  • Principle of Health – Should sustain the health of soil, plant, animal, human.
  • Principle of Ecology – Should be based on living ecological systems and cycles, emulate and help them to sustain. This states that the production should be based on ecological processes.
  • Principle of Fairness – Should build on relationships that ensure fairness concerning the common environment.
  • Principle of Care – Should be managed in a precautionary way to protect the health of current, future generations and the environment.

How Organic Farming method is different from Conventional Farming :

Both farming method are totally different from each other in different term which includes, 

Before Sowing the Seeds: In conventional farming, fields should be treated by the harsh chemicals to kill naturally existing Fungicides. These include the use of Petroleum-based fertilizers. On the other hand, Organic farmers enrich their field before sowing the seeds by spreading the manure and other natural fertilizers which is safer than harsh chemical fertilizers. 

During the Growth: Chemicals are also absorbed in the irrigation water, which prevents insects. On the other hand, organic farmers will not use chemical added water for irrigation. They totally depend upon the rainwater or stored rainwater to ensure chlorine-free water. 

Weed Removal: After the seeds start growing, the weed starts to grow as well. Conventional farmers make use of weedicides to get rid of weeds. Instead of weedicides, organic farmers remove weeds manually, which is more labour-intensive or use animals to eat the weed.  

Aside from this, Power Weeders are generally used to remove the excess weed. They are attached to the back of the tractor. New Holland Tractors offers the best quality of power weeder which is very reliable. The New Holland Tractor Price is also very economical to the indian farmers. 

Benefits of Organically Grown Agricultural Produce :

  • Provide Better Nutrition: Nutritious value of any food item is determined by its mineral and vitamin content. As compared to the conventionally grown food, organic food products are much richer with nutrients. Organic farming enhances the nutrients of the soil, which is carried over by plants and animals. 
  • Health Benefits: Organically grown food products are much healthier because organic farmers avoid using any chemical at any stage during the growing process. They use natural technique tends not to harm the living being and the environment too. It also ensures less risk of diseases such as cancer and diabetes.
  • Lower in Price: There is always a misconception that organic food is much more expensive than conventionally grown food products. Actually, they are much cheaper, and you can purchase it directly from the source at a reasonable price.
  • Taste Enhancement and Longer shelf Life: Organically grown food items often taste better, portraying the quality of food. They are rich with sugar content which provides extra taste.

 Organic products have better metabolic and structural integrity; this enables shelf life and can be stored for a longer duration.  

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