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Why High-Quality Shoes are Important for The Health of Your Feet

dsmith August 15, 2021

According to the American Podiatric Medical Association, 80% of the people who suffer from foot problems can trace those problems back to shoes that don’t fit properly or from wearing uncomfortable shoes. Foot problems include blisters, heel pain, bunions, hammertoe, and more.

The above shows why quality shoes that fit are important. You don’t have to squeeze yourself into uncomfortable shoes in the name of fashion. More and more consumers are demanding that shoe designers stop pushing unrealistic styles on them. Consumers want fashion and comfort; the designers are listening.

Some of the biggest offenders in the shoe world are high heels with a pointed toe; these shoes can leave your feet aching. Instead of trying to wear these uncomfortable shoes and suffering all day, opt for a pretty pair of slip on wedge sandals. The wedge design gives you the height you want without making your toes and heels hurt.


The best boots for women are boots that fit well and are comfortable. If you plan to wear your boots for several hours, choose boots made of leather. Leather is a breathable material and will help keep your fit cool and dry. Remember that breathable materials are some of the best choices for footwear. Your feet are crammed into shoes all day; they need to be able to breathe.

Another important consideration when you’re shoe shopping is arch support. The arch of your foot helps you walk; it also supports the weight of your body as you stand. Proper arch support is essential to your comfort throughout the day. When you buy shoes, pay attention to the width. Some may require a narrow shoe, others a medium shoe, and still others a wide shoe. If you try to wear a narrow shoe and you need a wide show, your feet will never feel comfortable in that shoe. It’s the same if you need a narrow size and try medium or wide width; it will feel like your feet are swimming in the shoe.


Consistently wearing the wrong shoes can cause long-term damage to your feet. When your feet hurt, it’s hard to be your best at work or at home. Your mind will be focused on how much pain you’re in. Poorly fitted shoes can also impact your gait as you walk, causing you to walk differently than you normally would. In addition to pain, the result will be shoes that wear unevenly, causing even more foot problems.

Be a wise shoe shopper and wise consumer; shop for shoes that are good for your feet. Well-constructed shoes in the correct size will help you sail through the day in comfort. Say no to uncomfortable ill-fitting shoes. Don’t shop based on fashion alone; comfort is just as important. Shop online, and you’ll find many styles of stunning shoes that cradle your feet in comfort.

Take care of your feet so they can take care of you. Your feet work hard and deserve the best shoes.

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