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Why Regular Car Wash in Brookvale is Important?

claireholt November 23, 2020

Before moving ahead with a car wash in Brookvale, let us discuss the difference between car detailing or car servicing and car wash. 

Simply put, car wash is what when your car needs a quick clean up turning your car into spick and span condition from exterior more often. 

And car detailing is when there is a season or you are planning to sell your car.

Most people prefer one on behalf of others. But to keep your car in a factory-made look, reduce oil consumption, keep your cars’ battery live for long, etc. both car detailing and car washing are crucial to perform as well as maximize the resale value of your car.

Types of Car Wash in Brookvale

Many individuals are of the view that car washing is a simple process. It is true but to some extent. How? Let’s us explain through the different types of car washing tasks 

·        DIY Car Wash 

 An at-home car wash is best when you are on a budget. You can wash your car yourself on the gateway. If your garage or portico magnitude allows, you can wash your car there. Whatever the way is, this the most bargain option to get your car washed. It is good for those people as well who are possessive towards their car. However, DIY car wash is time-consuming and labour-intensive. To acquire maximum results, you should be equipped with sufficient knowledge and correct tools. Improper car washing technique leads to a maximum number of scratches on the car. A sponge was used for washing the car at home in the good old days, for instance. But now, microfiber wash mitt is highly recommended to use for a car wash, meaningfully decreasing the possibility of scratching the car than a sponge. If you have ample time to spend then this job is worth for you

·        Self-Service car wash 

In this type of car wash in Brookvale, all work is done by the car owner except paying a service fee to use their equipment. Self-Service car wash is an excellent option for those who want to have control over their car washing process.

All you have to do is just the collect the tools required for perfect car washing, watch some videos on car washing, and start a job. However, it requires much time as in a DIY car wash, but you must go ahead if you don’t have any issue with time. The easiest way to undertake the task is 

  • Park your car
  • Spray with a powerful water stream
  • Wash with soapy water, rinse it and then dry it. 

Later, proactive car wax or polished is applied to embark on a shine on the metal body. 

However, you might think that it is breaking the ice but remember this option is labour-intensive.

·        Local Hand Wash Café 

So this is the mixture of both DIY and self-service car wash. This time, you don’t need to wash your car yourself, although it will be done by the hands too, but someone else will be doing it for you. So this is good when you don’t have enough time to spare on your car wash, and you are on urgent need to travel somewhere else. However, you will have to fight for the road traffic, wait in line at the car wash and finally have a lean car by hardly beating the clock. 

But the truth is that the local car wash café is still a business, operated by high rental costs, salary fees, and pretty much high ongoing overhead costs.

·        Mobile Car Wash

Mobile car wash services are a new kid on the block, but it’s already making huge waves all over the region. It harnesses the benefits of time with quality and offers clever car care expediency.

·        Automatic In-Bay Car Wash

For a car wash service, you will drive your car to an unattended station. In this, you put your car into neutral and pulled through a conveyor after purchasing the service. It works much like a machine. Using brushes, hoses, and blow dryers, the car wash moves back and forth to clean your car. You have to do nothing except wait and watch your car cleaned automatically in just a few minutes.

·        Tunnel Car Wash 

Very similar to the automated in-bay car wash tunnel car wash aids in more profound cleaning with each section specializing in a precise function. Your car is moved through a tunnel on a conveyor belt; the only step distinguishes it from an automated in-bay car wash.  

Car Paint Protection

Protecting your car from damage due to stone, scratches, and kerb PPF is applied. It is a thermoplastic urethane, often self-healing film for surfaces of a new or used car. To keep your car in the pleasant look and increase the resale value, your car paint protection in Brookvale is important.

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