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Why to Opt CJ Dropshipping Over AliExpress?

lsmithdennis May 10, 2021

For beginners, AliExpress is a good option to start dropshipping. It’s easy to use, but when you want to expand your business or take your business to great heights. Then AliExpress might not seem to be an ideal platform. 

Ofcourse, you must be thinking, WHY? In this blog, you’ll catch why CJ dropshipping is much better than AliExpress when you want to expand your business. In this way, you’re able to understand how these two dropshipping providers are different. Let’s begin!

➤General Difference

AliExpress is an international retail platform where selling takes place at a global level. Generally, the majority of vendors are from China. Moreover, the platform does not deal with fulfillment.

CJ Dropshipping is a platform that works in product sourcing, shipping fulfillment, as well as order processing. Here, dropshippers list products on CJ to their stores, then CJ pays attention to orders from their stores and takes complete care of them. 

It also facilitates warehouse service, photo/video taking, Print on Demand (POD), Cash on Delivery (COD), affiliate, and API support. It’s only the one dropshipping platforms that cover many services significant for a dropshipping business.

➤Product Listing

CJ dropshipping platforms have less product listing than AliExpress. Without a doubt, it sounds shocking when CJ is a far better platform than AliExpress. It’s because CJ has less staff size that handles the work of sellers. The platform picks only in-fashion and authentic products rich in quality & features, unlike AliExpress. They want to make sure to give good shopping to customers. 

➤Feasible to Use

CJ is more complicated than AliExpress as its functions include AliExpress and Oberlo. However, there is nothing to worry about as they have tutorials explaining each feature. One can also take assistance from the CJ team. 

➤Cost of Purchasing Product

Do you know product prices are much lower than on AliExpress for the same product? It’s because the sellers on AliExpress need to buy inventory from manufacturers and set the price in a way to cover up the expenses. Expenses like- advertisement expense, annual fee, etc. 

Special Attention-
Moreover, customers who buy products from AliExpress feel great as they charge less shipping price or totally free. But the secret is the price is included in the product. 

➤Delivery of Bulk Order

When customers order in bulk at the same time, the parcels are received at different times. It makes buyers frustrated when receiving packages on different dates. In CJ dropshipping platform, parcels will be received at the same date & time if it’s a bulk order (from different vendors) from the buyers’ side. In case of a problem, buyers can contact the CJ team rather than individual sellers. 

These five differences can help you to find the real difference. It’s all up to you to choose which dropshipping platform, especially when you want to expand your online business. 

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