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Why Tractor Engines Overheat – Main Reasons and Solutions

sonagoyal November 7, 2020

A tractor is an essential and fundamental machine for farmers and farming. It is a machine that has many advantages or disadvantages and many types of problems arise like Overheating.

Farmtrac Tractors used in farming activities for an extended period and the temperature of its engine rose to an extensive limit. At that time it’s wise to stop operating the tractor, and if the temperature level is not at its peak, make a quick check of the engine area. And detect any leaks or other apparent problems.


A Farmtrac tractor cooling system includes several components. 

Check out below.

  • A radiator
  • A radiator fan 
  • Water pump 
  • Lower radiator hose 
  • Upper radiator hose 
  • A thermostat 
  • A liquid that flows through the engine 
  • The radiator where it is cool and re-circulated back into the engine to maintain the cooling process.

Solutions of Overheating problems

  • The first step in diagnosing an overheating problem is to assure that there is enough fluid in the radiator. This can be verified by looking in the overflow container. And there is no blockage from the radiator to the overflow container, the engine must enable to cool. It is cool, the radiator cap should separate, and the radiator checked for fluid.
  • If there is a fluid deficiency, the cause of the shortage needs to identify. A damaged upper and lower radiator hose can replace. The clamps on the system can compressed or changed.
  • For fluid deficiency, there should be visible leaks around the failed component, broken water pump or a leaking radiator. Should there be no visible leaks and remove the cooling fluid. This can symbolise a damaged cylinder head gasket that is allowing the liquid to either leak into the engine, or dragged into the combustion chamber.
  • The thermostat, a simple device, is located directly in the path of the flowing liquid. It contains a bi-metallic disc that opens and occupies the fluid of a high temperature and closes when the temperature of the fluid is reduced below a decided level. Thermostats will fail openly, allowing cooling, in preference to the reverse, overheating.

Main Reasons for Engine OverHeating

  • Low Engine Oil

The tractor engine produces a lot of heat. Engine oil helps to grease all engine working parts, which results in the engine’s cooling. Low levels of engine oil generate excess heat, and that damages significant engine parts. 

  • Defunctioning of Engine Temperature Gauge

The engine temperature gauge is located on the tractor dashboard and notifies the driver about the engine temperature. If this gauge is not working correctly, it causes severe damage to the engine. The driver is not aware of the engine temperature and continuous use, which drives to heavy losses.

  • Radiator Problems

The radiator is a vital part of an engine’s efficient working. It provides clean air to the engine. Air cleaners system in tractors provides them with maximum cleaning efficiency. Low and dirty performing radiators are the leading cause of overheating. 

  • Damaged Head Gasket

The cylinder head and engine block are kept together by a gasket. Oil and coolant added for the damaged gasket. A mixture of coolant and oil causes significant damage to the engine as the coolant system is fill with oil. For continued use of a tractor, you may have to restore the entire engine. 

  • Low Coolant

Operating the tractor, you need to check the tractor coolant system as it provides for cooling the engine. Ahead starting a tractor engine, you always check the coolant level. You have to assure that extra coolant is already in your system. The absence of coolant in the engine may damage through overheating. 

  • Damaged Water Pump

Water pumps play a vital role in engine cooling systems. It helps to spread cooling. A damaged water pump can create the engine to overheat as it cannot elevate any coolant.

  • Coolant Hose Blocked

Your tractor may overheat much if you attach coolant. It continuously works through the radiator and engine to keep it cool. Your tractor’s coolant hose must be clean and dust-free. 

  • The incorrect Coolant 

Every tractor manufacturer uses a different type of coolant in the engine. It is essential to choose the right Coolant, which recommended by the leading manufacturer. Sometimes overheating problems might happen in the engine for the use of the wrong Coolant.

Which tractor brand is overcome with the problem of overheating?

Nowadays Farmtrac tractor models come with all the advanced equipment and facilities for the convenience of the farmers. The problem of overheating in models of FarmTrac tractors is negligible by their manufacturing team. As per all farming circumstances, Farmtrac tractors proved more profitable. Their latest and newly Farmtrac tractor models in India are available with all inbuilt specialities at the best affordable price. Farmtrac tractor is the most reliable brand for Indian farmers in 2020, and it is the first preference of farmers. Farmtrac tractors appear with all wanted tools and specialties that applied in every level of farming.

This is all about Why Tractor Engines can Overheat, and we hope you get all the informative information. For more details related to any tractor, brand stay tuned with us. 

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