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Why Tungsten is Evolving as One of the Most Preferred Wedding Bands?

michealanderson March 17, 2020

Do you know Tungsten is the hardest metal found in nature? In fact, it is quite surprising to note that it is ten times harder than 18k gold. In addition, the material is twice as dense as steel. Tungsten grabbed the attention of the jewelers due to such incredible properties. 

In a traditional approach, a diamond wedding ring is usually preserved for the brides. Men, on the other hand, have more fetish for gold or platinum wedding bands. However, with changing trends couples are looking for elegant and durable metals that perfectly match their personality and style. 

Growing Demand for Tungsten Wedding bands 

Most surveys and study reports indicate that there will be a good surge in the U.S. global Tungsten ring market within the next few years.  One of the major reasons for this enhancement is tungsten carbide (a combination of tungsten and carbon), which has allowed jewelers to manufacture magnificent rings. 

Tungsten carbide gains more strength to become four times stronger than titanium. Thus, it goes without saying that it is an ideal choice for wedding bands especially for men involved in physical activities. 

Therefore, if you are planning to buy a wedding band for your man, you can keep the tungsten bands at the top of the priority list. 

Ratings Suggest that Tungsten  is Extreme Scratch Resistant 

Mohs rated every metal on the scale of its hardness. If we compare tungsten with some other jewelry metals, we find the following result-

  1. Tungsten 8.5-9 
  2. Titanium 6
  3.  Platinum 4.5 
  4. Gold 3 

We can clearly see that tungsten sits right on the top of the table. But the question is how does Mohs rate the hardness of the metals, which translates into durability. 

The answer is that when a mineral or metal is considered tough, it means that you cannot scratch or break it easily. Tungsten is extremely scratch-resistant. You can only scratch it with a metal that is harder than tungsten. 

Another tungsten ring feature that impressed me is that it does not warp or lose its shape, unlike golden bands or rings. In fact, I know many people wearing tungsten rings from the last several years without a scratch on the band. 

Tungsten Wedding Bands Cost Less than Gold 

Let’s face it. When you shop for a wedding band online, you, of course, predetermine your budget estimate. And you are well aware that gold wedding bands are costlier than tungsten bands. At least you have to exceed your budget if you are planning to purchase the yellow or white gold bands. 

But do you know why tungsten bands are more affordable than gold or platinum? The reason is that they are mostly amalgamated or alloyed with some other metal such as nickel or cobalt.

Second, the fact that you are shopping online. You can find a huge assortment within your stipulated budget.  

Third, the tungsten jewelry market has become highly competitive, considering the increase in demand. 

Engravings Available

If you have a doubt in mind whether tungsten rings can be engraved or not, let me clear it; yes, you can get your tungsten bands engraved.

In fact, this is one of the vital reasons why beautiful ladies choose tungsten wedding bands for their would-be husband. Most customers prefer customized engraving. 

However, having said that engraving a tungsten band or a ring is an extremely hard task due to the hardness of the metal. It surely requires professional expertise to do the job. The tungsten bands or rings are usually engraved with the help of a laser technique. 

In addition, you will also be pleased to note that you get Thorsten’s lifetime and Lifetime Sizing Warranty.  

You can engrave almost any design on the tungsten band. However, the most common types of engravings include names, wedding dates, and birth dates. The more difficult ones include special symbols, customized logos, or images of your man. Engraving messages on the tungsten band makes it more personal. 

Tungsten Bands are Hypoallergenic 

Are you prone to metal allergies? Do you feel skin irritation after putting on some metal ring or band for a long time? 

If you are suffering from any skin allergy, you should avoid coming in contact with cobalt. 

Have you heard about hypoallergenic tungsten bands? A hypoallergenic tungsten band blends with nickel binder, which does not cause any allergic reaction to even people who are sensitive to nickel. 

Removing Tungsten in Emergency Cases 

If you are hospitalized in the case of a medical emergency, you can easily and safely remove tungsten bands and rings. You can remove it by using a pair of vice grips. The device applies pressure to the tungsten metal, which fractures the ring.


Tungsten rings and bands are indestructible. It is resistant to corrosion and does not lose its sheen and luster for a long time.  Moreover, it is available in multiple colors such as white, black, and classic gray.

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