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Why Your Startup Business Needs A Mobile Application?

shivlab October 23, 2020
Mobile App Development Service

In today’s technology trending era if you don’t have a business mobile app, then you are missing opportunities that you can never get back.

Now you must be thinking why is that so?

Well, it’s because your customers aren’t able to find you on their smartphone, you lose business. That’s how your potential customers will turn to your competitors who do have a mobile application.

Now you might get an idea of whyhaving mobile app development services is essential for your growing business.

mobile app development services

Let’s take a look at the top reasons your business needs a mobile app.

Be Visible to Customers at All Times

Today more than 75% of people spend at least 2 hours a day on their mobile devices. However, only a handful of apps make up the bulk of this total usage. From this also only a handful of apps can make up the bulk of this usage.

Improved Efficiency

Mobile application services are built keeping the necessary conditions in mind, it acts like a comprehensive app that performs multiple features & takes back the need for many applications. One of the benefits is that as these requests are customized to be suitable for a specific working style, it promotes worker efficiency and in turn business Return On Investment (ROI).

Create a Direct Marketing Channel

Mobile applications serve many functions because they can provide general information, booking forms, prices, search features, user accounts, and news feeds.

Through mobile app services, you can share all the information with your customers including special sales, promotions. Push notifications are one of the great benefits of getting more close to customers directly and can easily remind customers about your products & services whenever it makes sense.

Direct Marketing For Your Business

Great Promotional Tool

Mobile app development works as an incredible promotional tool because it retains your customer’s instructions about your new contributions and current contributions in actual time.

Customer loyalty growth

Providing your services through mobile applications will attract your customers more towards your application and it will be a powerful tool to increase loyalty. You can easily integrate loyalty programs into mobile applications and share useful promotions, discounts.

As we have discussed above that we can take the full benefit of tools by sending push-notifications about new promotions and discounts. You can offer users who have installed the apps to exclusive offers and special bonuses.

Effective Revenue Channel

Instead of working for a direct marketing channel, it serves as a progressively impotent revenue series for your mobile business. It simply assists you with cut the sales cycle of your input because of the experience it conveys to the online shopper of your contribution.

Competitive advantage

Many companies don’t take full advantage of the potential of their sites and consider them unnecessary! In short competition in this area is still low, and this should be taken advantage of. Mobile apps can be used as marketing and sales tools. You can aware people about your brand and services that increase its recognition


Based on the above information I hope now you have understood the significance of apps for your startup. What are you waiting for now? Start the implementation of your mobile app idea. If you are thinking to opt for the later one, then Shiv Technolabs Pvt. Ltd can help you out. It is a leading Mobile App Development Company available in the market to offer you the best solutions.

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