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WordPress Plugin for Backend Interface

baljitsingh__ December 3, 2020

While WordPress websites have come quite a long way in the past decade in customization capabilities and frontend development, the backend interface still leaves much to be desired. If you aren’t comfortable navigating various dashboard widgets and a wide array of menu options, then you may miss valuable accessibility options hidden behind confusing tabs.  

Fortunately, WordPress does allow for users to customize their backend just as much as their frontend by way of various plugins. With plugins, WordPress website builders can make their development lives easier with cleaner navigation, content organization, and file management systems that offer greater control with better user interfaces.

If you are a website builder or developer who is looking to enhance their WordPress site in 2021, here are our top 5 WordPress backend plugins that you need to download today!

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5 Backend User Experience Plugins You Need In 2021

1. Admin Columns

Our first backend plugin for 2021 is Admin Columns. This plugin gives you the ability to quickly access to list pages and modify their organization from a simple backend dashboard. Admin Columns allows you to quickly reorder, add, and delete columns in admin screens, as well as filter and sort based on your unique needs. You can even integrate Admin Columns with other popular plugins. 

2. Simple History

As a website manager, it can be helpful to see a history of any updates or changes that have been made to your site. The Simple History plugin brings instant access to a log of changes, which can help you take stock of any updates or changes that may have been completed without authorization, as well as any edits that have led to website issues. Simple History also gives users a bird’s eye view of plugin updates, comments, logins, and more.

3. Ultimate Dashboard

Want to give your backend UI a full makeover? Ultimate Dashboard is a great plugin to bring a lightweight, easy-to-use dashboard look and feel to your backend. With the ability to create widgets and navigation for elements you want to see, your entire team can better access your website’s development side without confusion.

4. Nested Pages

If your website has many pages, you know how confusing and frustrating it can be to try and navigate WordPress’s default page organization to find the content you are looking for. The Nested Pages plugin allows you to create a UX menu based on your site’s current page structure, giving you drag-and-drop editing ability to create and locate your pages and posts with ease.

5. File Manager Pro

With File Manager Pro, WordPress website designers and managers can easily access the content files that make up their WordPress site with ease. With deep functionality and an easy-to-learn user interface, File Manager Pro is the perfect plugin application for both WordPress beginners and veterans.

Users can take greater control of the design and coding of their site with File Manager Pro’s code editor interface, and establish a variety of user roles with ease across your site.

Boost You Backend To Supercharge Your Frontend Experience

While many website managers spend quite a bit of time ensuring that their frontend experience is top-notch, just as much can be gained by investing in great backend plugins.

By increasing the UX of your WordPress’s backend setup, you can help users, managers, and editors create content and update your site with ease. This added organization and functionality will boost your ability to develop and operate your website.

With the digital market becoming the main way that consumers engage with businesses and organizations it is more important than ever to ensure that your website is optimized to reach customers and clients. With plugins such as File Manager Pro and others listed above, you can supercharge your website’s functionality and prepare for anything 2021 brings!

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