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Wreaking Havoc in Tennessee

thehustler April 25, 2021

A compilation of a short report on the whereabouts of the stink bug and the possible remedies.

Pennsylvania Report: Traps That Attract and Catch Insects. Reported cost is about $ 20 with a reach of about 6 feet. The trap must be periodically charged. Devices that attract stink bugs may seem counterproductive. Time will tell whether this product is the solution or not.

Maryland Report: The stink bugs invaded Maryland last fall and never left, said David Rivers, an entomologist at Loyola University, who seems tame this year compared to the following. Part Wreaking havoc in Tennessee of the problem is the lack of natural predators. The United States Department of Agriculture may be working on a fix. Right now, people are working on devices to trap them.

NJ REPORT: As much as 70% of the apple crop has been damaged in northwestern New Jersey. Insects spread to the south and west, damaging crops. The rapid increase in the population was due to a lack of management measures. Chilling in the house in the winter is called insulting behavior.

Tennessee State Report: East Tennessee has been overrun with Brown Stout Beetles. The flaw can be detected on trucks in the eastern United States. They are also strong pilots and become a stable breed in this area. No control methods have been established, and the best way to keep them out of your home is to shut them down.

VA Report: Stink bugs are expected to worsen this year, some researchers said. Although these bugs are not currently considered harmful to health. But many people report having higher blood pressure levels. Just having these insects causes major damage to homeowners. The idea of ​​these deficiencies running into it is much greater than some people can bear.

South Carolina Reports: Recent Invasion of Smelly Pests Called Plague They should have entered the house to escape the cold. A biology professor at a local university has studied the error. The weather in Asia they came from was said to be similar to South Carolina.

Georgia Reports: University researchers found that the stink bug populated 80 of 159 counties. The insect covered its external structures to accommodate the only treatment that appears to be a vacuum cleaner. Pesticides are too strong to use indoors and can be dangerous.

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