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You can save money with a vacuum cleaner: here’s how

Madison April 26, 2021

You can save money with a vacuum cleaner: here’s how

The vacuum cleaner is a household appliance that is used daily especially if you have a furry animal at home. Obviously, continuous use increases the costs in the bill but a few simple measures are enough to reduce the impact on the invoice and help the vacuum cleaner last longer.

You can use a vacuum cleaner and save money: here’s how:

The steam vacuum cleaner is one of the smart appliances that help you clean quickly and above all save energy. This device certainly costs more than others but the cost is amortized as with a single use you avoid using other cleaning machines consuming less energy. The steam vacuum cleaner, in fact, consists of water to soften the dirt, pressure to clean the dirt from the floor and a high temperature to eliminate bacteria.

Those who already have a vacuum cleaner, in order not to impact on the bill, can use it during the time slots in which you will pay less energy or in the evening during the week or all day on weekends. On the other hand, those who need to clean daily can opt for a single-hour rate which will have an intermediate cost compared to the two-hourly rates.

Tips for using the vacuum cleaner well and saving money:

A suggestion for those who need to buy a new vacuum cleaner is to carefully read the energy label in which both the suction capacity and the value of the electric power will be highlighted. You could then also opt for a robot vacuum cleaner that works with rechargeable batteries that can also be connected to the smartphone so that the product can also be used remotely through an application. Cleaning times with this device will be significantly reduced and there will also be significant energy savings during the recharging phase.

And one last suggestion is to always turn off the vacuum cleaner when you go away, even if only for a few minutes. It is in fact a constant supply appliance so it consumes until it is turned off. However, avoid turning it off and on continuously as in this way you risk irreparably damaging the product. And still avoid using the turbo function when washing floors, for example. In fact, it is used to clean carpets and wastes a lot of energy. By following these small rules you can save a little bit on your bill and preserve the product.

Few and incredible tips thanks to which cleaning the vacuum cleaner will become very simple

The vacuum cleaner and robot vacuum cleaners are one of the inevitable tools in homes. Fundamental to be able to keep homes clean without excessive effort.

Today, moreover, the spread of cordless electric brooms has further facilitated household chores.

Few and incredible tips thanks to which cleaning the vacuum cleaner will become very simple
However, on the one hand the vacuum cleaner is used to keep clean but, on the other hand, this tool requires careful maintenance.

In fact, if it is neglected the performance will deteriorate. And it could wear out ahead of time.

Before going into the explanation of how to clean the vacuum cleaner, we need to make a distinction. And that is between vacuum cleaner with trolley, with or without bag, and cordless electric broom.

The most important advice is to always check the instruction manual before going into cleaning.

Vacuum cleaner with trolley:

First it will be the vacuum cleaner with trolley, with or without bag.

If there is a bag, it must be thrown away after each cleaning session. Otherwise, however, the container must be emptied at the end of each use.

To clean the vacuum cleaner it is recommended to use alcohol diluted in plenty of water. In the case of vacuum cleaners with bag only after removing it.


The role of filters is often underestimated. Yet they are of fundamental importance.

Filters are used to retain harmful particles on the floor and in the air. To operate with maximum efficiency they need constant cleaning.

Before cleaning them, we recommend that you read the instructions for your vacuum cleaner.

In many cases, however, it is possible to clean them with water. It will be necessary to let them dry for a few hours before reassembling them.


The vacuum cleaner hose should also be treated carefully. The tube is the part where dust and dirt collected during cleaning pass. Without careful maintenance the hose could get clogged.

In case of obstruction it will have to be disassembled. Then try to free it by using a broom handle.

The hose can also be washed with warm water to act on the dirt. Let it dry before reassembling it.


The brush is the part of the vacuum cleaner that is most in contact with dirt. For this reason it will need to be cleaned after each use.

To do this, the brush must be removed. And then manually remove any stuck dirt, hair and animal hair.

This is not a particularly fun job. However necessary to extend the life of your vacuum cleaner.

Electric broom:

The Dyson is the most famous of the cordless electric brooms. It is an instrument without a bag but with a container that must be emptied after each use.

As with the classic vacuum cleaner, it will be necessary to clean the filters regularly to preserve their functionality.

The filters of the electric broom, as in the previous case, can be washed with cold water. And without using detergents. It will be necessary to let them dry at least one day before reassembling them.

You can also use a mixture of warm water to clean the brush bristles and the dust container. Combined with vinegar and baking soda.

Here are a few incredible tips that will make cleaning the vacuum cleaner very simple

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