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Simple Ways to Celebrate Your Child’s Achievement

krystal.herrera September 4, 2018

Whether your child is studying in an international school here in Manila or otherwise, growing up includes many triumphs and achievements. Adults greatly appreciate words of praise from bosses and authority figures because this is a sign of acknowledgement for hard work and successfully executed tasks. Well, it’s the same thing for children! It is… Continue Reading »


The 3 most significant moments in the life and career of Elon Musk

morganpfranklin August 27, 2018

It’s safe to say we are in the midst of a robust boom in technology, innovation, and bold and exciting new ideas. We live in exciting times, where it seems the rushing tide of technology is unstoppably transforming every area of life, and humanity stands, facing firmly to the future, with a bold vision to… Continue Reading »



Sandeep April 19, 2018

Websites are not only a mere page where you can view images, texts or any other things. Rather, it is a platform, which bridges the gap between the customers and the business owners. In this digital era where most of the works are carried on with the help of the World Wide Web, the business… Continue Reading »


How to Choose plus Size Desgner Kurti

Sandeep September 14, 2016

Before a decade, beauty and fashion were only meant for small-boned beauty, the women and men with perfect physic and body were the style ambassador. But the same were not accessible for the curvy women. They always had to cling to same tedious denims and dresses. But recently, the fashion has changed the fleshy women… Continue Reading »


Karan Arora Mohali student to entrepreneur

Ashish Kumar May 9, 2016

Karan Arora Mohali; the only son of his parents; a post graduate started working as a Business Development Executive with a small IT-firm  in Mohali. Karan Arora was hired because of good communication skills and his pleasing as well as optimistic personality. On the day of his joining, he was explained the tasks he was… Continue Reading »


New Donald Trump And Hillary Clinton Meme Info

erickat71275 April 4, 2016

The Apprentice, hosted by Donald Trump, became a dream for most, as well as the best entertainment for others. Whenever an issue is met, it is a member of the conscientious leader who discovered it. This will not be to mention that he’s unfit to be waging this kind of campaign, quite the contrary. When… Continue Reading »

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