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Self-employed people should be aware of the pension gap

hayleysnook February 5, 2021

The main concern of many developed economies arises when the emphasis is on the present and not too much on the future. Sometimes self-employed people are busy making money that is completely focused on the present, ignoring the uncertainties that come with age. The pressures of work, the desire to succeed, and the limitations of… Continue Reading »


Potential tax changes proposed by finance bill 2021

justinbrave February 2, 2021

The UK government is working on a finance bill for 2020, which could be effective from April 2020. However, the start date for new policies could change to September 2019. The Finance Bill has introduced a number of amendments. However, we have listed the most important things below so that you can prepare yourself properly…. Continue Reading »


The Ultimate Guide to Home Loan Tax Benefits

lindapsanders January 15, 2021

Home loan is undoubtedly the most popular loan option in India. It empowers you to fulfil the most precious dream of your life. A home loan comes with attractive interest rates, relaxed eligibility criteria, extended tenure, minimal documentation, flexible repayment, and many value-added benefits. Besides these, a home loan also allows you to get various… Continue Reading »


How Technology is Shaping the Future of Accounting

wileyfinancial January 13, 2021

The accounting services industry is changing rapidly due to the evolution of technology. Today’s accountant is no longer overwhelmed by work-focused projects. Instead, as a result of changes in dynamic accounting technology, accounting software programs are becoming more efficient and the role of an accountant is shifting to a business advisor. Using cloud-based applications will… Continue Reading »


Free GST Calculator Online India

sanjana777 January 5, 2021

Goods and services tax, abbreviated as GST, is the type of tax levied by the Government of India at the national level. Several GST Calculators are available on web platforms that can be used to calculate the cost of the GST. The GST charged by the Government of India to vendors, producers, and buyers of… Continue Reading »


What to Do If You Are Facing Liquidation

LenaH December 30, 2020

If you find your company struggling and facing liquidations, it is very likely and normal to have questions about what will happen during that time. The first thing you need to know that there are two ways your company can go into liquidation; one is voluntary and one is involutory. During this process, your assets are… Continue Reading »


Pros And Cons Of Gift Cards In 2020

rebeccarogers11 November 25, 2020

Let’s be frank. Everybody loves to accept pay. But if we talk about events such as holidays, birthdays or festivals, handing a friend or family members an amount won’t show your gratitude to the fullest at times! In this case, you can go for something more thoughtful and get them gifted something they may need… Continue Reading »

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