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How the Fashion Industry can Be More Eco-Friendly

dsmith July 1, 2021

It’s no secret that the fashion industry accounts for 2% of global Gross Domestic Product, is now considered one of the largest polluters in the world. Unfortunately, cheap clothing comes at a high cost for both the planet and the people. The mass production of these clothes compels more people to throw clothes away instead… Continue Reading »


Cuban Link Chain Bracelets | Why Invest In This Jewellry

johnmiller3413 June 25, 2021

You must be aware of the trend making Cuban link chains viral throughout the world. Jewellery flaunted in movies is the main reason why these chains become so much popular. Have you tried to understand the design of this jewellery closely? If not yet, let’s have a close look.  You must have seen standard cable… Continue Reading »


The Characteristics of a Good Designer Watch

dsmith June 1, 2021

A watch is a statement piece in any outfit, whether it’s a man or a woman. Finding the right designer watch will set you apart from everyone else. A good timepiece will represent your fashion taste in the best mens clothes and give you an exquisite and elegant look. What are the features that make… Continue Reading »


What is Driving the Sustainable Shopping Trend?

dsmith June 1, 2021

According to a survey by McKinsey, over 60% of consumers consider sustainability an important factor when they shop. Of those, 60% of respondents consider a company promoting sustainability important. Consumers aren’t just looking for sustainable products, but they want products to be marketed that way. Sustainability has not always been a concern. The term and… Continue Reading »


Hottest Trends and Styles In Men Jewelry 2021 | Shop & Flaunt

lsmithdennis April 9, 2021

Who said only women could be obsessed with jewelry? Thanks to the modern jewelry industry that broke all such stereotypes by bringing endless men jewelry’s trends to cut a dash. Be it hot trending Swarovski men’s necklace, a classic ring, wedding band, a watch, or a cufflink, anything and everything on the list allows men… Continue Reading »


How Do I Choose The Right Jewelry For Someone As A Gift?

johnmiller3413 March 26, 2021

A beautiful piece of jewelry is partly an accessory, and partly an extension of your personality and can also be a statement depending on the type of jewelry you choose. A piece of jewelry can be worn both every day and for parties. Necklaces, bracelets, rings, and earrings you rarely take off – they become… Continue Reading »


5 Pleasant and Unique Gift Ideas for Your First Anniversary

alicebarianna January 13, 2021

The most momentous occasion for any couple is their anniversary. It’s an important milestone declaring the completion of a year of their marriage. Regardless of their ups and downs, the anniversary day brings the two love birds closer letting go of the past, the bad feeling aside, and recalling the most joyous occasion of their… Continue Reading »



BAnudesigns November 24, 2020

Mangalsutra the name itself indicates the importance.  The word mangalsutra is made by combining two Hindi words mangal and sutra which means an auspicious thread that is meant for good luck. It is an ornament worn by Hindu brides which have its own traditional significance. It is a symbol of her Marital status which is… Continue Reading »


A Guide to Selling or Pawning Gold for Cash

luxuryhut November 10, 2020

Gold prices are presently at their record-breaking levels. If you are looking to get access to some fast cash, sell or pawn your gold jewellery or any gold items and raise instant cash for gold. Keeping in mind today’s high prices of gold, selling or pawning gold can be an excellent way to raise some… Continue Reading »

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