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The Creative Mastery of Ching Ho Cheng in American Art

jibrilfateen February 5, 2024

Within the broad field of American art, some stars stand out as timeless icons that make a lasting impression. One such star is Ching Ho Cheng, who was born in Shanghai in 1929 and comes to prominence for his distinctive and outstanding contributions to the American art scene. Come explore the subtleties that set Ching… Continue Reading »


Aisle lighting on steps in NYC | All Cinema Sales & Services

skyseoroundtable December 24, 2021

Tivoli LED String Lights Have Many Different Benefits Tivoli LED String Lights are modern innovations in lighting technology. LED means “light emitting diode”. It is a kind of semiconductor, which generates light when it comes into contact with electric current. This modern light bulb has no filament and is more energy efficient. Compared with ordinary… Continue Reading »


The History of Video Games

eric December 8, 2021

The first video game in the brief history of video games is widely considered Tennis for Two. It was created in 1958 by William Higginbotham, and it was played on an oscilloscope. However, the first video game sold to consumers was called Pong. It was designed in 1972 by Nolan Bushnell and Al Alcorn, and… Continue Reading »


Modern Education in Pakistan

MaxFitzgerald September 3, 2021

Introduction Third-world countries are struggling with various educational trends to become globalized and stay up with the developed world. Education theories such as the Common World Educational Culture Theory and the Globally Structured Agenda for Education Theory, which emerged in the effort to ‘modernize’ education, have evolved, with current trends favouring postmodern education or, to… Continue Reading »


Subhdra Kumari Deputy Manager Operations

JonMaximus January 25, 2018

Subhdra joined Competent Synergies Pvt. Ltd. in Sept 2006 as a Team Leader for DTH process, where she was handling a team of 25 Associates and was responsible for team’s quantitative and qualitative KPIs. In a short stint of 1 year and 7 Months, she streamlined DTH process through her process improvement insights and brought… Continue Reading »


Nitin Popli Manager Operations

JonMaximus January 5, 2018

Nitin joined Competent Synergies in Apr 2006 as a Floor In charge for the process of leading telecom company where in he was handling a team of 20 Associates and was responsible for team’s quantitative and qualitative KPIs . In a short stint of 1 year and 3 Months, he showed excellent performance and was promoted… Continue Reading »

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