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The Importance of Staying Updated: How Current FD Interest Rates Affect Your Savings and how to choose one?

michealanderson March 29, 2023

Many Indians invest in fixed deposits (FDs) because of their guaranteed returns and their safety and security. However, interest rates on FDs can vary from bank to bank and change over time, directly affecting your savings. FDs with longer terms offer higher interest rates than even the best short-term investments.  Before investing in an FD,… Continue Reading »


Fixed vs. Adjustable Rate Mortgages

unitedfinancialfreedom October 8, 2021

The dominant and most popular interest rates used when considering a mortgage are fixed rate and variable rate mortgages (also known as ARMs or variable rate mortgages). Deciding which type of interest rate is right for you should be based on personal criteria and what you want to achieve with your monthly payments. Variable rate… Continue Reading »

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