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3 Vital Tips to Take Care of Your Kitchen Worktops

sid garg June 7, 2017

Worktops are often the most important part of the any kitchen. Maximum work of the kitchen is accomplished there. From food preparation to dining to chatting over a cup of coffee to even helping out your kid with homework – everything is done on the worktops. Naturally you have to take good care of them.

But there is no one tip that can be suitable for each and every countertop. Marble, granite, laminate, acrylic or wooden, it does not matter which countertop you have installed, but it should be resistant to any type of spills.

You should always inquire about the maintenance tips prior to getting ready with the gloves for cleaning up the spills. You must understand that each and every surface is different. As a result of that, each surface reacts to stains and kitchen mishaps differently. Similarly each one is bound to take some amount of abuse.

Are you interested to know how to return the lost splendor to your worktop? Well, just read on to know the secrets of keeping three of the most commonly used worktops shinning for years to come.

Quartz Worktops – Quartz happens to be a very strong natural material. Quartz can easily withstand makeup spills, olive oil, vinegar, wine, lemon juice and coffee. A protective polish should be shielding your quartz worktops and that makes its scorch, scratch and stain-resistant. So no matter what comes in touch with it, quartz always remains protected.

Mild household cleaners should be used to clean the surface. For removing the persistent stains you should always use a cleaning sponge or pad. You should avoid all types of harsh cleaners and should also say a complete no to using pressure or force while cleaning it. If a tough stain is seated on a particular area you should soak the region with water for a certain time and then you should use a soft cloth to remove the stains.

Granite Worktops – Granite is rich in natural properties and being an igneous rock it is quite sturdy. Available in a variety of colors, it has become a stylish choice for the kitchen worktops. Keep it in mind that any type of vinegar-based or acidic product can damage granite. So in order to clean the surface you should use a soft cloth or a wet sponge, a decent amount of mild soap and some warm water to clean the countertop.

Granite worktops can be porous in case it is not sealed properly. That is why you must ensure that it is cleaned properly prior to sealing it. There are some companies that sell a type or sealant-specific solution in the form of a cleaning kit. This will protect the surface for a long time. You can use that for cleaning the worktop.

Marble Worktops – This one is another type of a counter top that is very popular. Marble worktops are resistant to heat but they are susceptible to stains and are porous.

In order to prevent permanent etching you should wipe up lemon juice, wine and fruit juice immediately. To reduce the porosity, treat the marble with a special stone sealer. Soft waxes and oil polish can discolor marble while abrasive cleaners can mar the surface.

You will find a number of commercial cleaners for cleaning marble. But you can clean it by using borax rubbed with a moist cloth. You can rinse with warm water and then buff dry with a soft cloth.

The above are some of the tips that you can keep in mind for maintaining the spark of your kitchen worktops in London. This way you will be able to maintain the spick and span nature of your worktop for years together and get the true value for your money.

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