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Ear Piercing Trends: The Hottest Combinations and Placements of 2024

erinlane9104 April 15, 2024

To be able to keep up with the ever-changing world of fashion and fashion accessories, you need to be well-informed about the hottest trends and combinations.

That’s why, this year, ear embellishments and piercings emerge as focal points, presenting a diverse array of styles and materials.

Let’s jump straight in and discover what innovations and ear-piercing trends the year 2024 bring.  

Snake bites

We are only four months into 2024 and it’s obvious that snake bite piercings are one of the hottest trends. As their name suggests, these piercings are characterized by two side-by-side piercings resembling snake bites.

This piercing style is edgy yet elegant and the inspiration for it comes from the world of lip piercings. 

For snake bite piercing you can use two studs or hoops, placed on the outer edge of the ear’s cartilage. If you’re willing to add a touch of rebellion to your style, this sort of piercing is the right for you.

Helix and Multiple Earlobe Piercings combo

If you like combining different piercing styles, this trend will be right up your alley. A helix piercing combined with multiple earlobe piercings will give you a perfect mix of subtlety and complexity. 

A helix piercing is usually located on the upper rim of the year, while the earlobe piercings as their name suggests, are nestled in the ear’s lobe. With this piercing combo, you can go as simple or as intricate as you want. This trend provides a versatile array of choices for personalization. If you’re having trouble deciding, skilled piercers from Blomdahl will give you a hand.

Triangle ear piercings

This year geometric shapes are pretty popular. So, it’s no wonder that in ear piercing world geometric shapes are pretty trendy. Triangle shapes in particular are having their moment.

If you want to create a bold and modern look, a triangular pattern formed with multiple piercings is what you should try. You can be as creative as you want with arrangements, and use different kinds of earrings.

Back-Of-The-Ear Piercings

Yet another very popular trend is back-of-the-ear piercing. If the front of your ear looks pretty, why can’t the back too? That’s why, this year we have new ways to style the backs of our old piercings. 

To adorn the backs of your ears, use studded earrings with decorated backs. These types of earrings are perfect for different kinds of piercings such as helix, conch, and tragus. Because they have a flat construction, these cartilage piercings are ideal for earrings with back decorations.  

Combinations with Hoops and Other Earrings

In addition to the helix and earlobe piercings mix, we have yet another combo this year. This year mixing and matching various piercing styles is pretty hot.

That’s why this season, you can combine hoops with ear cuffs, studs, other hoops, and ear climbers. Combining hoops with other styles of earrings can create a very striking visual effect. This trend allows you to experiment, mix, and match various styles, shapes, and sizes of earrings.

Asymmetrical stacks

Creating a balanced look is no longer in. This means that your ears no longer need to match each other. This year, you can experiment, and create fun, asymmetrical looks.

For instance, asymmetrical stacks are very in this year. What this means is that you can have two studs in one year, and three or four in your other, plus cartilage piercings.

Additionally, you can place hoops on one ear, and dangly earrings on your other ear. No, rules, just be creative and experiment.

Double rook

A single rook piercing is a thing of the past. This year, you can get the two rooks next to each other. Rook piercing is usually placed in the upper ear cartilage and it’s there to give some shine to your inner ear.

If you’re a fan of rook piercings, you can go a step further and place two rook piercings next to each other. You can either use two studs or hoops, whichever you prefer. You can even experiment with a pair of barbells for an extra unique and edgy look.

Hidden helix

Nestled right inside the top curve of your ear, a hidden or floating helix is a new trend everyone will love. The placement of this piercing will make the earring look like it’s floating. That’s why a dangly earring with a couple of chains is the perfect choice for this trend. This kind of piercing is pure magic.

Bottom Line

From all these trends, it’s obvious that 2024 is here to bring creativity and break the rules in the ear-piercing world. If you love to follow trends, this year allows you to let your individuality run free with all these amazing ear-piercing trends.

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