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5 Crazy Hazards for Bachelor’s Last Days

Dan Radak December 16, 2014

You have decided to get married. She is the one, as the Boss would put it. However, you still want to try and do some crazy things before you finally say ”I do“ and make a commitment for life. To get mentally ready for such an important step in your life, you have to do a couple of superficial men-related hazards. If you miss to do it before putting on a wedding ring, you could easily make up one day in your mid 40s and realize that you are standing at the threshold of a midlife crisis. But if you manage to let all the suppressed steam off before getting married, it will help your marital life and you will be able to focus on the community you are establishing. So, come with us and have a look at things you should in your last days as a bachelor.

Fast car

Try fast cars

No matter what social class a man belongs to, we simply cannot resist looking behind when a fast and modern car passes by. If you are one of such men, why would you spend the rest of your life feeling bad that you have never tried one of those adrenaline-boosting speeding beauties. Before the key day for the rest of your life, treat yourself to a test drive of a comfy and fast car. Of course, make it suit your finances and the forthcoming festivity.


Heavenly sailing

No, this is not a reference to a part from the Bible or so, but simply our way to poetically describe a really crazy but must-do hazard for still ring-free bachelors – sky diving. This extreme sport discipline is one of those things that everyone who wants to feel more than alive should try. People often compare this with bungee jumping. However, the jumping usually happens at the spur of the moment. If only a tiny detail goes wrong, that is most probably literally going to be bachelor’s last days. Since we refer to the last free-of-marriage days, sky diving is a great activity for those who want to try something really crazy, but in pretty controlled conditions.


Pub crawling (or kneeling)

This activity seems not to suit the title of this article. But pub crawling can be done in many ways. You can just go out with your friends, crawl a couple of pubs, get wasted and try to find your way home. However, this routine can be spiced up with many other things. For instance, you could start the session with a striptease bar. On the other hand, if you are not the bachelor, but one of his friends, you could make a surprise for him or her. Just like the crew from Hangover went to Las Vegas, you could take your friend abroad for a crazy weekend. Say that you want to indulge in pub crawling in Ireland or Australia. To make it hotter, you could rent a pub for two hours and get some sexy dancers from Dublin or hire attractive Sydney escorts (respectively) to make the party smoking hot. Of course, to-be bachelors should know how far they can go.


Learn how to cook

This hazard might be a really dangerous thing for people who are going to try a couple of first meals made by a future bachelor. However, it is better to learn it before the marriage. Instead of making your wife a guinea pig for your cooking beginnings, you could call your friends and make them a couple of dinners to see how they react. This activity is not that hazardous for bachelors, but more for their friends who will be invited to taste their specialties.


Become money-disciplined

It does not seem like a hazard? Have you actually ever tried tightening your financial belts? People often comfort themselves that the next month they are going to start saving or cutting expenses, but is if often harder to say than to actually start doing it. Before you get married, you should try to reach a clean sheet in every single part of your personal finances. Loans that you have taken for gadgets, TV-sets or the car should be dealt with. Also, credit cards are not welcome in a marriage. You and your future wife will need money and free (financial room) for your common enterprises. At least one year before the D-day, you have to start coping with your debts and minuses in order to get ready for future financial challenges.

Marriage should not be underestimated. Of course, it does rely on love and affection, but there are also numerous objective and rational aspects of a marriage. Getting ready for a marriage means leaving immaturities behind you; i.e. trying as many of them as possible. It is much easier to build a mature relationship with people who have tried their crazes before they enter this beautiful community. So, deal with those crazes before and then just do the right thing.

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