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5 Steps Towards Improving Your Brand Awareness

JacobBraun September 28, 2021

A brand name is a powerful tool in the business world. However, how do you get to the point where a mere glimpse of your logo is enough for customers to place their trust in your product or service? Developing a strong brand identity and raising awareness of your brand. Here’s what you need to know.

What is branding and why is it important?

When speaking of branding, the first thing most people think of is a recognizable logo or a distinct colour palette. However, that is merely the tip of the iceberg when it comes to brand identity. You would most likely recognize an Apple product even without the famed logo, thanks to its typical sleek and minimalistic design. As soon as you recognize the brand, you know what to expect; in this case, you can be assured of high quality and cutting-edge technology. Thus, your brand is not only what customers will remember you by, it’s also what will define their expectations. The reasons why placing a lot of attention on branding is so important are quite straightforward. Developing a recognizable brand is the only way to stay afloat in today’s sea of competition. Consistent branding will make your marketing efforts easier and more effective, too. It will also help build trust among customers and eventually, loyalty. The benefits don’t stop here, but you get the idea. Now, how do you get people to remember your brand? Here are 5 ways to boost your brand awareness.

1. Define your plans and strategies

The first step towards improving your brand awareness is defining your branding strategy. A branding strategy is basically a long-term plan that will guide your every decision regarding how you want your brand to be perceived by customers, with the ultimate goal of becoming identifiable by your audience. It’s a crucial part of your marketing plan.

A brand identity is made up of multiple layers of elements that all need to be consistent with each other and create a cohesive whole. In developing a branding strategy, first, you must answer a few key questions: What is your brand’s mission? What kind of personality do you want to exude? What kind of emotions do you want to evoke? Your answers to these questions will reflect in all of your subsequent decisions. Keep measurability in mind when developing your strategy so that you can identify whether your efforts are working.

2. Create a visual identity

While your visual identity is certainly not all there is to your brand, it is still the first thing that people will be met with when they encounter your business. And one of the key parts of your brand’s visual identity is your logo. Your logo does more than just signal your business’s name. It also signals the nature of your business and even gives a glimpse of your personality without the necessity for any words, if done right.

Besides, an eye-catching logo will immediately set you apart from your competition. People are naturally drawn to interesting-looking visuals and a logo that is still within the conventions of your industry but manages to add an unexpected twist is bound to turn heads. Once you acquire a customer, a memorable logo is also what will make it easier for them to become a repeat customer. In addition, you can put your logo anywhere, ensuring that all your marketing efforts are contributing to the consolidation of your visual identity.

3. Boost your online presence

With a solid branding strategy and an attention-grabbing visual identity, you can begin advertising your brand and raising your brand awareness. Today, one of the most effective ways of doing that is through leveraging social media for this purpose. Depending on your target audience, the right platform can place your message in front of a massive customer pool, which gives you an unmissable chance to put your brand in the spotlight.

Social media advertising is extremely potent, both because of the aforementioned reasons and because of the accurate demographic targeting capabilities of these platforms. But that is not all. Your profile, posts, interactions, and the influencers you decide to work with should all reflect a cohesive brand identity in order to garner loyal followers. You should also be well-aware of the trending tools of the platforms you use to reach the highest possible number of people. For instance, today, social media stories that are only viewable for a limited time are one of the top digital marketing ideas.

4. Don’t skip traditional advertising

While digital marketing is taking the world by storm, it can be a major mistake to ignore the today still relevant traditional advertising methods that perform notably in certain industries and among certain demographics. For instance, you won’t be reaching many senior customers through Instagram stories, while advertising to people across the world is highly ineffective if you have a business that relies on local traffic.

It is often said that a prospective customer needs to encounter a brand 7 times before they are compelled to take action. You can use traditional marketing methods like cross-promotion, magazine ads, a billboard with a clever design, using the popular method of banner printing at a local event you decided to sponsor, or even something as simple as business cards and flyers in order to drill your logo into the minds of potential customers.

5. Build a good business website

Last but certainly not least, merging all of your efforts into a single, cohesive whole in the form of a great website is also a branding step you mustn’t skip. Not only does your website’s overall look and the experience it provides need to align with your brand values, but the content you produce should also speak volumes about it. Optimizing your web page should go without saying. But even the most well-optimized website will not create a lasting impression if it lacks personality.

Give your brand a human side by telling stories and making it personal. Use real photos to give a “face” to your brand and speak about your experiences to appeal to your audience’s sentimentality. People will be more likely to remember a brand that they know the story of. Your journey naturally does not end here. Raising brand awareness is an ongoing process that is going to follow you through every stage of your business’s development, steering you in the right direction and possibly changing as you grow. Always keep your mission and values at the forefront of your mind and making the right decisions will be easier.

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