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6 best websites to download people dwg cad blocks

shevchenko September 22, 2021

6 best websites to download people dwg cad blocks

You as an architect or student or designer , know that how DWG cad blocks are important and play a key role in engineering .

Specially when it comes to people cad blocks , you would never find a project without people cad blocks in it’s design .

People in different positions and expressions would needed in all types of designs .

As you may know , these cad blocks can save the day .

You will be access the dwg blocks without spending hours on each item .

Actually lots of websites are providing the people cad blocks in dwg format .

It means that you can edit the file and make changes .

The following websites are providing lots of 2d people models which you can download your favorite blocks in use in your projects .

These websites have simplified the life for you and would save your time .

One of the websites that is providing people dwg cad blocks models extensively , is .

You can find any kind of 2d people such as man , woman , child in different positions in this collection.

As you see in the following blocks , you can find people walking , people talking ,people sitting , people at gym , people in bar , people relaxing , disabled people and etc … .

These blocks are drawn in Autocad and dwg format and you can use them in your cad projects .

The blocks have been provided in  high quality and full details .

You can access all the files by signing up .

One of the other websites that can meet your needs is bibliocad .

Bibliocad is providing lots architectural cad blocks .

Most of The dwg models that are uploaded in this website , are provided by other users .

You can find free cad blocks in this website . Although you must pay membership fee for those models which are hiqh quality .

One of the specialized websites  that is providing people blocks is pimpmydrawing .

Downloading the models in dwg and ai formats , is free in this website .

This website is providing the models in one view .

You can find most of people gestures in this website and use in your cad projects .

this website beside the above introduced ones , can meet your needs .

this website is providing people dwg models in top view .

actually you can download the blocks and use inside your cad plans .

downloading the models in dwg and pdf formats is free .

this website is one of the websites that is providing 2d models in collections .

you can download 2d collections for free .

another website that is providing 2d people collections , is freecadblock .

this website provides different models of people .

you can find , man , woman , child , People in national dress , People in top view , People of different ages , People on the Beach , People in gym , People in Bathtub , People have a shower , People CAD collection , People active rest , Mom and baby stroller , Men in suits , Man with glass and etc … .

Here in this website both free and vip dwg models , has been provided .

In order to download gold models you must pay membership fee .

Most of high quality models in this website is provided for vip members .

You will access all the files by paying 10$ a week .

Also there is a download Limitation up to 250 files a day .

In this post we have tried to introduced the most famous and useful websites that would meet your needs .

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