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6 Small Business Ideas for Villages & Rural Areas in India 

sonagoyal June 23, 2022

If you are looking for successful and profitable small business ideas for villages and rural areas, this information will be beneficial for you. The majority of India’s population is still concentrated in villages. Villages have infrastructure that is distinct from urban areas. Accurate business necessitates a unique set of infrastructures and has specific requirements. However, this does not indicate that there are no business opportunities in rural areas.

There are also numerous business opportunities in rural areas. However, agriculture-related businesses are only suitable for villages and rural areas.

It would be advantageous for a village resident to establish a business there. Setting up a small business in your neighbourhood would require less capital and investment. Because everyone is a known person, it would also be easier to organise business there. If you live in a rural area and want to start your own business, this is the place to be where you can start a business easily. 

Production Of Organic Vegetables 

Many companies have begun using vaccines produced in large quantities. Using this method, vegetables and fruits mature ahead of schedule. You can begin organic farming and sell your products in the town market, where it is in high demand. You can find a suitable vendor for your product to avoid struggling to sell your produce. You can also sell your products directly to the public. However, because you are new to the market and unaware of buyers, it is preferable to go through a vendor first. You might not be able to find the excellent demand for your products on your own.

Furthermore, doing it all yourself will raise your production costs due to transportation and storage costs. Moreover, you might not have everything at the start. You must also sell your products as soon as possible because they are perishable and would be difficult to store. So it’s better to sell your products for a set price and grow your business without risk initially.

When you have enough money to grow your business, you can cut out the middleman and become a direct supplier. You would have made various contacts over time and would have learned about market trends and requirements. Along with this, you would have your own transportation and storage facility.

Poultry Farm

Opening a poultry farm does not require much land. You can easily start this business on your own or with the assistance of others. You would have to raise small chickens up to a certain age before selling them. To begin, you can start this business on a contract basis with a vendor. You would be given the chicken, their food, and everything; all you would have to do is raise the chickens to a certain age or weight, depending on their needs. You will be spent either by the number of chickens or by weight. Most of the time, payment is made based on the importance of the chicken.

It is not advisable to do everything by yourself at first. Because this will require more capital and may result in losses due to a lack of exposure, you should avoid taking this risk at the start of your business. Instead, it is preferable if you begin on a contract basis.

Fishery Farm

You can do fishery business in the same way that you can do poultry farming. You must have some knowledge of this industry because it is not easy. A sufficient amount of land is required for a fishery business. In this business, you must exercise extreme caution because a single error can result in a massive loss. One diseased or infected fish can contaminate the entire pond’s fish. You can trade your fish directly in the market if the quantity is small, but if the amount is large, you can also export it. You choose to rear the most demanded fish and earn more profit, for example, Rohu, Catfish, Hilsa, Mangur, etc.

Wholesale Of Fertilisers

Agriculture is the main source of income in the villages. Therefore, one of the best options for your business would be to open a wholesale fertiliser store. You may need to obtain a licence for this venture. But, first, you’d have to look into the legalities. There are very few chances of losing money in this business because most people in villages are farmers, and fertiliser is an essential requirement for agriculture.

Drinking Water Supply

In the village, people usually use hand pumps, ponds, rivers, etc. to source water.  However, almost everyone now has a hand pump in their home, and people have even begun to use drinking water canes. You can also start this business with very little money. You can start your store from home. If at all possible you can use four-wheelers such as Pickup truck  to transport the canes. You can even get by with two-wheelers at first.

Even if you do not find home delivery convenient, you can still run your business because people will come to your store and take the canes themselves. Because you are from the same village, it will be simple for you to promote your business.

Oil Mills

Due to a lack of oil mills, people must either travel long distances to refine their oil or sell their produce at a lower price. You can set up the oil mills if you have enough capital. People who grow mustard, soybeans, and groundnuts in their fields usually have the oil extracted in mills for their use. People may not have a large amount of oil extracted because it is only for personal use. They use the material that remains after the extraction as cattle fodder. You would not run out of customers because this is done by every household in the village.

These are some other good villages to start businesses. You can choose your business based on your available capital. Before starting any business, research your competitors and market.

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