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9 Last Minute Gift Ideas for the Season of Eid

michealanderson February 12, 2020

Eid is the final day of the Ramadan month when friends, family, and relatives meet and greet each other with the best eid gift ideas. In case you were not able to shop for this occasion beforehand, check these last minute gift options that would aid you.

  • Look for Islamic gifts: You are lucky if you are residing in a locality where Islamic clothes, books, videos, games are easily available. Set you budget and go out to the market and buy these products for your loved ones.

  • Be creative and educative: When you are thinking to gift the lovely kids of your family or a friend’s family, you can go for books or video games, or even chocolate that are easily available.

  • Gift for the time or occasion: See, basically around eid, you have too many choices to spend your time with your family and loved ones. A booking in some five star restaurant or a ticket to some movies would be a lovely idea to gift on eid.

  • Eatery Joint: People never get tired by eating either at home or outside. You can prepare a whole meal yourself or you can take the family out for a great dinner. Your favorite non-vegetarian items would be great to gorge on.

  • In case you are unable to find any other suitable gift then you can offer to clean the home or wash the car or take your sister’s kids for babysitting so that your near and dear ones can benefit out of it. Cleaning the house would be beneficial because the guests are going to come in and therefore cleaning is necessary. Washing the car and sending your parents for a long drive is also lovely an eid gift idea. And let your sister spend some time with herself, pampering herself in parlor.

  • Plan games for the kids at the backyard of your house or in the community park. Bean bag race, painting competition, or a treasure hunt would be just perfect for these people. The team which wins the treasure hunt would receive a costume of Tom and Jerry or harry potter. Then in the evening plan a movie with these kids.

  • Presenting sweets and chocolates are the easiest gifts that can be showered on your loved ones. And as Eid Mubarak gifts sweets and chocolates would be perfect because they are important dessert items after a heavy meal.

  • Greeting cards where eid Mubarak is written can be sent to all those friends who are away from you. Just walk into any gift shop, and take the eid special card for your loved ones.

  • Take a cake along with you to enjoy the evening with your near and dear ones. Any gift shops would have a cake for the celebration of eid. And still if you cannot manage the time, just place an online order as the last minute resort.

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