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9 Reasons Why You Should Study Abroad in Australia

ioes June 14, 2021

Australia is not only known for its top universities, incredible nature, lively cities, and beautiful beaches but also for its high-quality education system. Thus, making it a major attraction for many students wanting to study abroad in Australia. However, the expenses might appear more due to its high standard of living, yet the international students manage to offset their living costs by joining part-time jobs along with their courses.

The high-quality education system helps build self-esteem, brings improvement and growth among the learners in the future. Furthermore, with free weekends and a two-week semester break in most colleges, students find ample time to explore around along with their studies.

In this post, we have shared why one must think about studying abroad in Australia.

Friendly Nature – You will never feel Homesick

Australia has seen at least 200,000 international students join its universities for the past several years. So, there is no need or scope to feel homesick. With its growing popularity, Australia has become well recognized for being a very accessible destination for international students.

English Language Programs available for all Majors

You can easily keep track of your course with all classes and credits in English and at the same time learn coping up with the local culture including, a shared language. The distinctiveness of their unusual language will unquestionably be handled by your Australian friends.

Freedom to Study Wherever and Whatever You Want 

Among more than 40 universities in Australia, there exist umpteen possibilities to study hundreds of different subjects. The top universities will be the top choices, each one providing just as many courses of study. The University of Queensland in Brisbane (ranked among the top 50 worldwide and fourth in Australia) by the QS World University Rankings offers the most majors. The Education Abroad Network (TEAN) allows you to find the right fit. The network provides more than 25 different semester and summer programs in Australia, thus making it easy to choose as per your field of study.

Safe Place and Joyful People

Australia ranks as the 12th happiest county, and as per a survey, a busy work-life, high income, and quiet home are some of the reasons behind this happy living in Australia. In terms of safety, it is usually a very secure plus welcoming place to live and study. Moreover, it has consistently ranked among the safest countries in the world.

Climatic Condition

The climate in Australia remains moderately warm to absolutely hot year-round, with the far southern territory of Victoria as an exception. A few top universities for international students located in Sydney, Brisbane, and Melbourne, all would consider a daily high below 50 degrees Fahrenheit a rarity at any point in the year.

Australia’s Beach Life

Genuinely, all the Aussie beaches are rather spectacular, but Whitehaven is undoubtedly the best. Whale watching, surfing, or sunbathing on the many beaches is just great and a simply beyond words experience. Australia possesses a bevy of beautiful beaches, says more than 10,000. The stunning beaches steal everyone’s heart, and studying abroad in Australia opens doors for such opportunities too.

Cultural Diversity

Australia has a blend of both traditional cultures and the contemporary lifestyle making it enduring and refreshing at the same time. This is so because we see the original Australians among the large multicultural cities such as Sydney and Melbourne. Sydney in itself is considered the most diverse city. The reason being that majority of its people were born in other parts of the world. Hence comes the bizarre of cultures, food as well as traditions keeping the life interesting.

Ability to Work While Studying

Though there are visa restrictions when it comes to studying abroad in Australia, the perks that come along set the nation apart. The student visa holders are eligible for employment in Australia. Unlike most other countries, here the international students are permitted to work for up to 40 hours every two weeks along with their course. Moreover, the minimum wage here is 17 AUD dollars per hour, and this helps the students take care of their living expenses. Furthermore, TEAN’s comprehensive internship programs offering course credit make things easy if you wish to go in for an internship in your desired professional field.

So much to Do in Australia

Apart from the regular studies, Australia has so much in store for international students. If you are a nature and wildlife lover, you can find plenty of wildlife tour organizers whom you can contact and enjoy a thrilling experience. Enjoy the beaches, take a sunbath, dive into the Great Barrier Reef, catch an Aussie Rules football match, see a performance at the iconic Sydney Opera House, learn to surf, cafe hop like crazy…there is so much to see and do throughout Australia. Besides watching the flora and fauna here, you can be part of adventure sports like rock climbing, mountain biking too. Additionally, enjoy the friends and food there without failing to take a tram ride in Melbourne and Adelaide. To top up all, remember every Wednesday, there is a sunset regatta in which captains open their boat to anyone who wants to be part of their crew. They teach you how to sail, and then you race the other boats in the club, and there’s so much more to do.

The above-listed reasons would change your mind if you were confused between studying abroad in Australia or any other country. If you need any consultation or advice on foreign education contact Inspire Overseaas Education Services, a leading study abroad consultant.

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