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An Insider Guide to Germany: Things to see, do and eat while you’re there

Marie Nieves January 12, 2022

Germany is one of Europe’s biggest melting pots of cultures, that attracts tourists from every part of the world daily. When you start planning your vacation, Germany must be on your holiday hitlist as the country with rich history, culture and gastronomy. On your German vacation, you will have the chance to feast both your eyes and your palates as you visit some of the most scenic and iconic locations in Germany and taste their delicious food.

Take a scenic ride down the Romantic Road

Whether you’re looking for a trip that will rekindle an old flame, or you’re planning to keep the fire still burning Germany’s Romantic Road will be a great place to start. A 400km long road that connects Wurzburg with Fussen features some of the most ideal places to visit in Germany. Consider stopping in Görlitz to enjoy one of the rare cities that kept its pre-WWII state.

 Pfalz (Palatinate)

Taste wine in Pfalz (Palatinate)

The Pfalz region is one of the warmest regions in Germany producing exceptional wine, predominantly Dornfelder, Spätburgunder (Pinot Noir) and Portugieser. If you’re hoping to see picturesque medieval towns and villages, as you sip on the most delectable wines, head to the Palatinate region first. Once you’re in the Pfalz region, you’ll come across welcoming people who will always be in the mood to chat and make you feel relaxed. The road that connects the towns in the Pfalz region is known as the German Wine Route. Should you decide to go down the 85 km-long road, you must visit some famous wine and food producer stop-offs.

Go to Munich during Oktoberfest

Munich is the capital of Bavaria and one of the most popular German cities. Famous for its iconic Oktoberfest, Munich offers a plethora of activities all year round, and not just during the festival season. We suggest you visit Munich specifically in October so you can experience the entire festival euphoria first-hand and enjoy some of the best beers in the world. If you decide to visit Germany some other time, we suggest you look for popular Munich hop-on-hop-off bus toursthat will help you get to know more about the city and take you to any popular tourist stop you want. Don’t worry about missing out on the exceptional beer, because you can always visit one of the oldest beer halls in Munich – the Hofbrauhaus – and chug that beer like a real German.

Oktoberfest, Germany

Taste German pretzels, doner kebab and many other delicacies

Germany is one of the best countries for picking up street food. But not just any average street food. From spectacular doner kebabs to tasty pretzels, Germany is the home to some of the most delicious on-the-go foods in Europe. A traditional German wurst must be on your to-eat list too. Whether you’re in for a standard sausage or you’d prefer the one with a kick in it, such as spicy currywurst, you’ll find your cup of tea in Germany. The best thing is that you can get an exceptional wurst at the street food stands as well as at any restaurant in Germany.

Nuremberg Christmas Market is a must-see

If you plan to travel across Europe during the Christmas holiday season, Nuremberg must be on your hitlist. Christmas markets in Nuremberg are magical and more than worthwhile, featuring locally crafted goods, warm delicious food and, of course, beer. From traditional Rostbratwurst to Schmalzkuchen, Schneeballen and Fruchtspieße, visiting a Christmas market in Germany will be a true treat and one of the best reasons to travel to a foreign country.

Nuremberg, Germany

Final thoughts

Planning a trip to Germany may seem overwhelming, but you can easily choose your starting point and plan a holiday easily with our few pointers. Don’t try to see everything on your first trip if you don’t have enough time. Rather than that, soak up on a few destinations and leave the rest for your next visit. Germany is best experienced without a rush, so leave enough time to relish in all the glorious sites and foods Germany has to offer.

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