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Are The Towel Warmers Really Worth?

bloggingexpert July 19, 2021

Towel warmers are turning out to be gradually an essential part in many people’s bathrooms, but are they really worth it? In this post, we will analyze the pros and cons of towel warmers.

No one can refute the fact that towel warmers are picture-perfect to heat the towels before you give yourself a bath or a shower and that, in addition, leave a pleasant temperature in bathroom. However, are they as good as they are pictured?

Space Issue

The towel warmers are available in many shapes and sizes. Though how everything in this life, in case you require little appliance at home, it will cost more than the big one. These towel warmers, if we plan well the space, can be ideal to save the space for the reason that they are attached to the wall, being flat and one can place more than one towel on single towel warmer.


In addition to heating the towels and keeping them dry, something that will prevent them from changing more frequently due to the smell they pick up due to humidity, they serve heating bathroom as well as eliminate humidity. The temperature can be regulated, in some models it oscillates between 45º and 60º, and the heat produced is dry.

Energy Expenditure

Most of the models of towel warmers have a very low energy expenditure and you can keep them lit all day long, although we do not believe it is necessary. In general, the consumption is from 35W to 180W, so we will not have to worry about the electricity bill when we use one.

Electric and heated towel warmers look the same, but they are not. The electric ones have a higher power consumption, between 600W, designed for the temperate zones, and 900W for the cold climates. In addition, the towel warmers have the function of programming them to turn off once the bathroom reaches the desired temperature. On the other hand, there are also models of the towel warmers that work with the heating system that we have at home, as if it were just another heater. Our conclusion is that the electric towel warmers can be very useful in the bathrooms where high humidity accumulates throughout the day and the towels are constantly wet. In addition, if we opt for a heated one, we will hardly notice an increase in the electricity bill.

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