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Web Application Requirements Gathering Process Model For UAE Market

Faiza Sareah March 23, 2015

It’s preeminent to gather information for developing a web application so that it meets client’s demand in a best way. UAE market is filled with challenges to offer a web development company, so it needs to verify correct information or requirement that a client is looking for. Let’s see what requirements gathering is and how… Continue Reading »


Managing Change With Scrum Methodology For Web Development

Faiza Sareah December 8, 2014

Scrum is an iterative framework that is far more simple and easy to manage change in a software development or you can say web development. Scrum methodology sounds quite confusing but the fact is that it makes change management more organized with less effort. Scrum is a software or web development strategy in which a… Continue Reading »


7 Reasons To Hire Branding Agency In Dubai

Faiza Sareah November 19, 2014

Dubai is housing an increasing number of national and international brands to feast its millions of visitors. These brands invite tourists and Emiratis for an electrifying shopping experience that leaves them happy and satisfied. These rising brands have given rise to branding agencies Dubai which are needed to maintain a brand’s prestige and survive it… Continue Reading »

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