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Options for Pet Urine Odor Removal Treatment

zampaleo758 December 10, 2021

Bringing your new puppy or kitten home is one of the most joyful experiences any family can have. These lovable babies quickly become family members, but until they are fully house trained, they may wreak havoc on furniture and carpets. It’s normal for a dog or cat to have accidents now and then; some even… Continue Reading »


Carpet Steam Cleaning vs. Dry Carpet Cleaning

zampaleo758 November 9, 2021

The argument between dry carpet cleaning and carpet steam cleaning (also known as steam extraction cleaning) continues to rage among carpet cleaners and consumers alike. Cleaning capabilities, drying time, and water use are only a few of the points raised in this argument. Let’s take a look at these two approaches to see if we… Continue Reading »

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