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Ashish Kumar June 21, 2016

With the rise of new and advanced online marketing technologies, digital advertising has become more business oriented. Irrespective of endless amount of information available online, many current promotional strategies fail to achieve desired results. The main reason being agencies falling prey to such limitless information, losing out on the most essential marketing tool, called the ‘Human Element’.

Gone are the days when businesses sole purpose was to sell the product rather the focus has shifted in involving consumers by telling a story which they can connect on every human level. Remember Google India’s new commercial this year on Father’s Day? It sets the best example by telling a story about a son who helps his father to fulfill lifelong dreams. With 140,000 views in just 24 hours, the commercial instantly strikes an emotional chord with the consumers leaving them teary-eyed by the end.

Human element for brand

No doubt, the human element of your brand and advertising campaign should always remain at the forefront. Some reasons mentioned below will help you to understand better about its importance.

  • To remain steady: When it comes to creating a consistent voice, human element is one of the most powerful tool acting as a medium to communicate with your fans and followers time-to-time. Create a unique voice to define your brand.
  • For easy association: Making provisions for common and relatable grounds helps the consumers to relate with the campaign and brand well. Also, sometimes they ignore the little flaws and weaknesses that comes with it.
  • To create one-on-one relationship: Amidst millions of consumers, it is not easy to create a distinct identity in the market. To serve this purpose, human element helps a great way in creating the feel of a personal relationship with each one of them and also helps in increasing the recall value. Customers immediately develops a sense of loyalty towards the brand.

High time when the advertising and marketing agencies need to improvise its strategies a bit and imbibe the human element. Don’t forget that the success lies in the hands of consumers. Better the rapport you share with them, better will be the end results.

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