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Benefits of Using Ironbark Firewood

johnmiller3413 December 24, 2021

The name “Ironbark” originates from the inclination of the tree. The layer of bark protects the living tissues inside the tree from flames and looks like iron metal with a shiny dark shade. Ironbark is commonly seen growing in both native forests and plantations.

Firewood is an important part of every home. It is a natural fuel used to warm the house, cook food, and power heaters. You can also use it for deckings, floorings, and handrails.

Ironbark is a high-quality timer that can withstand intense weathering and fire. It is suited to combustion, open fireplaces, wood-fired cookers, and ovens. This wood is eco-friendly and only sourced from reputed suppliers.

Ironbark firewood seems to do well where there is sufficient sun. Therefore, it is excellent as a construction material even in industrial applications. 

There are various types of firewood available that you should never settle for something you don’t like. These are old standbys, redwood, and cedar.

Why do we have to choose Ironbark firewood?

Ironbark firewood Sydney has been the number one option for people in Australia looking to buy firewood. It is ideal for composing structures that need well-known strength and quality. There are a lot of benefits when using ironbark. Some of the benefits are below:

  1. Longer burning wood: It is slightly harder to burn but then burns better. 
  2. Efficient burning: This means very little ash, mainly coals, and less cleaning.
  3. Strong burning and hotter fire.
  4. Ironbark burns with less smoke and low emissions.
  5. Logs are split and cut to ready-to-use firewood size.
  6. It contains a moisture content of approximately 10-25%.
  7. Besides being a reliable source of firewood, it uses to produce essential oils and used for ornamental purposes.
  8. The wood tended to give off a lot of nutrients and help break down the plant material to make room for carbon dioxide to come out and oxygenate the air.
  9. It is non-toxic firewood. 

Final Thought

No doubt, ironbark is great firewood. But always consider the price when buying it from a woodshop. Most homes need at least two tons of firewood to stay warm during winter.

Usually, the seasoning wood has a standard minimum of at least six months. But the seasoning needs more than that for ironbark because it is dense. Depending on your area climate or the thickness of log splits, the seasoning can take up about a year or more.

Overall, ironbark firewood is a great option if you get it at a low price. In addition, you don’t have to refill it as combustion-type firewood, making it economical. So, choose long-burning firewood from ironbark firewood for sale in Sydney.

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