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Best Concrete Floor Repair and Resurfacing Solutions: A Complete Guide

globalpolishingsolutions October 25, 2021

While concrete is long-lasting, very durable, and minimal maintenance, it is used in almost all constructions. This is why commercial polished concrete flooring installation can be seen everywhere. Concrete slabs, on the other hand, might have issues. Cracking and curling are two types of concrete slab problems.

Fortunately, there is a list of the finest garage floor coatings accessible to assist you if you seek to apply for one. Whenever it comes to restoring flooring, a concrete floor coating contractor can inform you that you have several alternatives.

The following are some of the most frequent flooring and surface restoration solutions used with commercial polished concrete flooring installation:

Gravity Filling Method:

Gravity filling refers to the most basic way of filling. This equipment has a simple design and operation that allows them to function with little maintenance. The highest, central component of the machinery is the supplying tank (technically termed the filling bowl). At every vessel refilling point, filling stems are connected to the tank’s lower portion. 

The filling bowl has a vented tube that continues upward to a point just above the liquid surface. The platform raises the vessel until it comes into touch with the filling stem to start the process. After that, the pedestal raises the vessel against the stem, which opens the filling valve.

Gravity filling may be used to seal fractures with base lengths of 0.03 to 2 mm using low viscosity polymers and resins. The thinner the fractures that can be closed, the lesser are the viscosity.


Micro-topping solutions are created using incredibly thin coatings of polymer-modified cement, including sand, no wider than 1/8 inch, placed with hand tools or brushing, depending on the intended final effect. Micro-toppings do not self-level since they are so delicate. 

They also cure rapidly, limiting the final surface to how the micro-topping is placed to the cement floor. The treated surface generally cures in a day and can be stepped on within 30-40 hours of application. Micro-topping finishes must be sealed since they are permeable and accumulate dirt that is hard to remove once embedded in the substance.

If a flawless finish is required, your concrete floor coating contractor can use micro-topping solutions that may comprise two or more foundation coats and, in some circumstances, a very relatively thin coat without sanding.

Sealing and Routing:

For concrete floor repair and resurfacing in Orlando, FL, routing, and sealing is the best option. The technique works by isolating the non-structural fracture and therefore preventing additional damage. When mending concrete walls, routing and sealing techniques might be used.

With this approach, the crack is widened by producing a big v-shaped trough and then sealing it with an appropriate sealant. The sealant should be able to endure and settle into any future trend if the troughs are two times as broad as it is deep.

Both big and small fractures can be repaired using routing and sealing techniques. The most efficient application of this technology is to seal water-filled concrete surface cracks, avoiding moisture from flowing through the concrete.

Dyed Concrete Floors:

Concrete flooring may also be colored to whatever color you like. This results in a rich, silky surface that is consistent throughout the floor. The dye doesn’t produce a chemical change with the pavement, like acid staining. However, it merely colors the surface by penetrating it. As a result, unlike acid-staining, the outcomes are far more consistent.

However, because there isn’t much color variety to produce softness and movement, a dyed concrete floor might be harsh based on the hue you pick.

Adding a neutral area rug is a great way to soften the look of the floor. This adds a softer feel to the area while still creating contrast. Furthermore, irrespective of the texture you pick, putting a rug on your concrete surfaces is a smart idea because concrete is hard and chilly.


Future wears down will only make a minor fracture or chip grow larger. Concrete floor repair and resurfacing in Orlando, FL, can aid in the fight against the problems. The procedures solidify and bond the pavement, keeping the lime inside the framework and protecting the concrete floor from further cracking and debonding. Analyze the problem and choose the technique that best suits your needs.

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