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Best Tips for Relocating your Business or Office

Mistermover June 7, 2017

Wait? Are you moving your office to a new place? Did you plan in advance? Moving office to new location is not an easy task sometimes. But if you plan each and everything, it’s good for you to move easily.

Are you planning on moving to a new office space? It can be an exciting time, however it can also come with its own stresses. Since moving offices involve staff relocating as well it can be a lot more daunting than just moving to a new house. This requires a lot of planning and often are done six months to years in advance.

There are heaps of office commercial moving service which will help you with your move so it’s wise to plan and choose one early. If this is your first time relocating your office or business, keep reading for some great tips to ensure the big move goes smoothly.

  • Plan your big move as early as possible. Alert the staff and your clients about the move and slowly shift things from the old place to the new location so you don’t have to bring everything at once.
  • Ensure you hire the best office removalists Melbourne who has the staff skilled enough to help with office moving requirements.
  • Plan your move carefully as you might not be allowed certain things during business hours. This includes parking, large vehicles such as moving trucks for prolonged period, occupying the elevators or escalators to haul large work machines and furniture. The best option would be to schedule the move during public holidays, weekends or if possible get a special permit from the new building to allow you to move during business hours.
  • If you work in a medium or large business, delegate tasks to each of the section heads. This includes; informing their staff of the move, planning packing and scheduling clean-up of the old premises.
  • Prior to moving, ensure the new building is ready for use. Check that the electricity, gas and water are all up and running and all electrical cables for your new premises are in working condition. You don’t want any unnecessary delays that may hamper your regular work schedule.
  • Organised managers to be present at both sites on a moving day so they can keep each other updated on what is going on. This way things can be done a lot quicker and you won’t be stressed about what gets left behind or lost on the way.

Ensure that the new premises have things like AC and heater in working condition. These should be turned on and be in usable condition during the move. It can be hard to work during uncomfortable temperatures whether it is extremely cold or too hot.
If you do plan in advance, then it’s easy for you to move anywhere. In most of cases, especially for office moving to a new workplace can be stressful, but if you do ample planning and choose best office removals Melbourne.


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