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Can the CSM Certification Be Done Online?

careerera January 6, 2021

The Certified Scrum Master certification can definitely be done online. It consists of online CSM training in which the learner has to attend a 16 hour live workshop online. It is exactly the same as the in-person workshop and in fact offers the advantage that the video recording can be played again and again according to the learner’s needs.

What are the steps to become a Certified Scrum Master?

1. The first step is to gain some knowledge about the Scrum methodology, lifecycle, principles, and guidelines. This can be done by going through online material such as articles and videos.

2. Next, one should take a CSM certification online. They should take care to only choose a course offered by a certified trainer. The course will be 2 days long and the total duration of the course will be 16 hours. So the CSM certification can easily be done online.

3. Next, one will have to pass the CSM certification exam. This exam is governed by the Scrum Alliance. After this they will be able to get the Certified Scrum Master certification.

4. The fourth step is to get a license agreement accepted by the Scrum Alliance and submit it to the authorities.

4. Next, one will have to accept the license agreement offered by the Scrum Alliance and store it safely and securely as one can be required to produce it at any time.

5. Next, one should complete the Scrum Alliance membership profile details.

Which skills does a Certified Scrum Master need?

1. Scrum and Agile training

A certified scrum master (CSM) should have completed online CSM training before starting his work as a CSM in a company.

2. Technical familiarity –

Since most Scrum teams work on projects related to software development, a CSM should have basic familiarity with technical terms and jargon. Past programming experience is highly recommended.

3. Coaching abilities –

A CSM has to make sure that his team understands and implements all the Scrum guidelines and principles properly. Often, in the course of ensuring that, he has to give them training on Scrum. So he should have coaching abilities.

4. Handling conflicts –

Conflicts can arise in any large team, especially in a team engaged in something as complex as software development. A CSM should have the ability to resolve conflicts quickly, peacefully, and fairly.

5. Leadership –

A CSM has to guide the team and ensure that they stick to the agile principles in their workflow. So he should have leadership qualities.

Is the CSM certification course required for taking the CSM exam?

Yes, the CSM certification course is required for taking the CSM exam. It is a hard set requirement set into place by the Scrum Alliance. The Scrum Alliance believes that for an individual to become a skilled and competent CSM, they should possess in-depth knowledge and practical experience. These things are only available in a hands-on CSM certification course delivered by a Certified Scrum Trainer (CST).

CSM certification cost –

If one takes the CSM certification online, the cost can vary quite a bit based on the CST one chooses to take the online CSM training from. On average, it costs from $1000-$1400. This cost covers –

  • The 2-day course.
  • First two years of certification.
  • Two attempts to take the exam (which must be taken within 90 days of attending the course).
  • Course materials which the instructor will provide in the class.
  • Two-year membership to the Scrum Alliance community.

The following table provides further information about the CSM certification cost.

Cost SegmentCost
Scrum Master Training Cost$1000 – $1400
Exam CostIncluded in the course fee
CSM Retake CostThe first two attempts can be taken at free of cost within 60 days of completion of the course $25 after first two attempts
CSM Renewal CostMust be renewed every two years at the cost of $100 (Total 20 SEUs required)

What is the CSM exam format?

The CSM certification exam contains 50 multiple choice questions. A candidate has to answer a minimum of 37 questions correctly to clear the exam. Thus, the minimum required passing score is 74%. The length of the exam is 1 hour.

The questions on the exam are created according to the syllabus listed in the CSM learning objectives present on the Scrum Alliance website. Candidates can take the exam in an online setting as well as in a paper based testing setting. One doesn’t have to answer the questions in any fixed order and can even revisit previous questions to check the answers and change them if needed. Every candidate will be given two attempts to pass the exam after which they will be charged a fee of $25 for every attempt.

Who is this CSM certification course for?

  • Software Engineers
  • Product Managers
  • Project Managers
  • Team Leaders
  • Business Analysts
  • Development team members
  • Testers

Which jobs can I get with a CSM Certification?

  • Entry level scrum master
  • Scrum master
  • Senior scrum master
  • Coach scrum master
  • Product manager.

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