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Custom Packaging Sleeves – modern marketing technique

Printingblue November 19, 2020

Adopt innovative marketing techniques to promote your brands and products in an attention-grabbing manner. Obtain a competitive advantage over rivals by packaging your products in custom packaging sleeves.

The importance of product differentiation

The world is expanding at a fast rate. Globalization has led to increased competition. Businesses do not just have to compete with local traders but also have to perform well on international platforms. Customer retention is key to sustaining a steady rate of sales and survival in the market. For this reason, businesses are currently investing about 40% of their profits into marketing and advertising to make their products stand out from the crowd. New and innovative ideas are researched to make the brand unique and elevate brand recognition.

Extensive studies are carried out to establish the factors that influence customer behavior in the hope of cracking the most effective method in increasing the sales volume. Research shows that customers consider several elements before making the final purchase. Consumer behavior is very dynamic and is changing at a faster rate than before. Their purchasing behavior has massive impacts on industries worldwide. Emerging technologies and digital advancements are changing the way businesses market their products. Customers are more aware and demand products that exactly meet their expectations. Due to high rivalry in markets, product differentiation is the number one priority of manufacturers. Customers also tend to consider the image of the brand first then ponder over the price and quality comparisons. 

One of the most powerful ways of making your products instantly eye-catching is the packaging box. Products packaged in individualistic boxes makes them appear differentiated and captures customer attention immediately. A study shows that impulsive buying is at a five-year high with 61% saying that finding what they require makes for a positive shopping experience. Hence, packaging in alluring boxes increases the chances of the products getting selected from store shelves faster than others. Custom packaging sleeves prove to be an apt promotional gadget that sets the brand apart from the cluster.

Why should you incorporate these sleeves?

A sleeve or bellyband is a piece of paper that wraps around an item of product. It has a self-adhesive double-sided tape on one end. The two ends are sealed together with the help of this double-sided tape. Such packaging can be effectively used directly on top of the products, on generic packaging boxes, or for added impact. It allows for efficient branding by prominently printing the brand logo and name on top and creating distinct designs. It especially proves beneficial when the business is running on a tight marketing budget as it costs less than full-fledge packaging boxes. If used singly, its lightweight texture makes transportation easier by stacking one on top of another and less time-consuming. It proves convenient for customers too as they can easily carry it without the extra weight of boxes.

Alternatively, when it is used on top of boxes, it helps to give an individualistic feel to the product. Customers desire to feel valued. Sleeves help provide added effects to the packaging and make for a premium unboxing experience.

Mix and match to suit numerous product types

Such packaging proves appropriate for many products. From food items, clothes, cleaning items, soaps, toolsets, gift items, electronic gadgets, and many more industries can successfully utilize such packaging to make their products appear different from the rest.

We offer a team of skilled graphic designers and engineers to craft the most relevant packaging for you. All your packaging needs and problems can be well-cared for. Free templates are also provided to help you choose the right design for your brand. Moreover, a wide gamut of exclusive features helps you modify your dream packaging with the utmost ease. These include:

  1. High-grade laminations: gloss, matte, sandy matte, soft touch, and pattern
  2. Lavish coatings: gloss AQ, spot UV, flood UV, stain, and varnish
  3. Stylish options: embossing, debossing, foil stamping, die-cutting, metallic inks, window cutout, ribbons & handles, scoring & gluing, and custom perforation.
  4. Additionally, it is available in any custom, shape, or size to align with your specifications.

Businesses often use these packaging for multiple uses. In addition to serving as a reliable covering for products, it can also be used for seasonal sales, promotions, packaging more than one item together, other economical packaging needs, and for distribution purposes.

We enjoy a trustworthy repute among customers due to our ample experience in the field. The most modern printing press is used to create crisp packaging that is constructive in garnering escalated sales figures. Every piece is printed and inspected separately to curb the chances of error. Our clients are highly valued as we focus on making customers for life and provide packaging that imprints on customers’ memories for longer.

Various reliable services are offered free of charges such as free shipping and handling, free sample kits, and free review of artwork along with quick estimates given to save the client’s time and effort. Moreover, quick deliveries are made possible by a fast production turnaround time. Our in-house account manager helps to match costs with resources to provide you with the most cost-efficient option. The best quality and eco-friendly materials are used to produce strong and long-lasting sleeves.

A survey shows that about 74% of customer’s demand personalized content on packaging. Thus, it pays off to have tailor-made sleeves for your products that precisely meet customer requirements. You can have product details and various other information printed on the sleeves to communicate personally with customers, giving them a one-of-a-kind buying experience. The packaging is the first point of contact the customers have with the manufacturer. Thus, every possible effort must be made to make it memorable and impressive to create a robust impact.

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Clients demand higher quality customer services from sellers now than ever before. Our well-trained sales agents are available round-the-clock to promptly answer all your queries. You can get in touch with them right away to get started with crafting quirky sleeves for your brand.

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