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Factors to Consider When Selecting the Best Body Piercer

aliyanadesouza November 26, 2021

Body piercing and tattoos are body decorations that started in ancient times. A body piercing is just as it sounds, it is a puncture made in the body by a needle, then a piece of jewellery is inserted in the hole. Most piercings are done with needles. Commonly pierced body parts are the ears, nose, and belly button. Oral piercing includes the cheek, lip, and tongue. There is a difference in how to needle piercing and gun piercing work. The needles are sterilized and packed separately, they are sharp which enables a quick and clean pierce, then inserts the jewellery. On the other hand, the gun piercer is reusable but since it’s made of plastic can not be sterilized so it would melt in the autoclave which is what a professional studio should use to sterilize instruments like jewellery and tools used during the procedure.

Even if the piercing gun is wiped off with an antiseptic wipe there is still a risk of spreading diseases after multiple uses. This is why at Southgate SG Tattoo & piercing studio we only pierce with needles and top-quality titanium jewellery.

If you want to have body piercings London, do some research to find out about the shop and the body piercer. Shops do have a sterile machine to sterile the instruments, but still, it is not bad to just be sure. You can check some pointers about the body piecer, such as:

Try to spot or ask about the sterile machine called an autoclave, there is no harm to even requesting the equipment to be sterile in your presence, just to be sure, if they aren’t ready, that means there is a problem and you can just walk to another shop. Health comes first.

Does the body piercer strive for hygiene and cleanliness, where she/he washes the hands before starting any procedure and after the procedure?

Piercing makes people nervous if this is your first time. Find a piercer that makes you feel comfortable, who has your best interest in mind, because you might need his/her help on how to take care of the aftermath of piercing, accommodation, and metal allergies you may have because you will have a range of jewelry options to choose from, and you will need your piercer to advise you and find best fitting jewellery for you. So, if they are treating you as a chore to get done with, you better look for someone else.

Medical ideas are also applied in this field because at times they might handle blood splash during the procedure, is the body-piercer wearing fresh and clean disposable gloves, just like those nurses and doctors wear. Southgate SG tattoo & piercing Studio is fully medically authorized and Health authority registered. So, it is safe to do the piercing with us.

The body-piercer has to be a licensed practitioner. Just like Southgate SG tattoo & piercing studio shows the certification and experience of our piercers.

The environment where the body-piercer works should be a clean environment because getting pierced safely means getting pierced in clean surroundings. If the facility is not kept clean, how can you trust the equipment and the tools they use in doing the piercing work?

After finding out about the body piercer, just make sure to take all the precautions before and after getting yours. Find a reputable and known service provider or a parlor that will help out professionally. Follow the procedures and advice that you have been given for the aftercare routine to avoid any infections or developing one, but if you see bleeding, increased pain, or signs of infection- call your doctor. To mention- this is very rare and close to no possibility with Southgate SG tattoo & piercing Studio.

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