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Gears That Women UNDERNEATH 30s Should Stop Wearing

David Stephan September 27, 2016

Women of all ages are treasured. It is just that after a particular age, a woman should costume to her age. There are several things that look attractive on a girl in her twenties, but not so much on a female over 30!


If you are 30-year-old woman, then this post is connected to you. Today J-Bees bring you finest fashion tips of how should a 30-year-old innovative women dress in their everyday lives. Here are presented some straightforward ideas for those who are bent upon to their Thirty, so if you are from 27 to 30, then J-Bees guide you to take a deep look at these thought-provoking and timelessly fashionable looks.

Not once, we say never judge about your age, or else you will look like you have accepted yourself to the truth that you are over thirty now and cannot dress whatsoever trendy.

But, there are some facts you should know about the wardrobe rulebooks for womanhood of your age.

Start taking care of your-self: healthier food, additional exercise, run, fresh fruits, green vegetables, manicure and yoga, etc. Nest thing is the worth of fashion, it is okay to devote more money on the clothes, you just have to be a slight classier, but keep on tryout with prints and layers.

  • Graphic Tees and Pants

Graphic tees are for Babbitt kids who ironically think they are being all high-spirited and rebellious, but who actually are lazy to buzz their faces from their phone and notice how sheep they are being. I mean, in high school and college it was fabulous charming to wear. After 30, you are looking to get wedded and all so stop dressing your ex-boyfriend’s childhood t-shirt!

  • Bedazzled Anything

We honestly demand this trend never happened. Starting from the initial 2000s, bedazzled clothing was a giant fad that just never died down for some bizarre reason. Leave it for the broods to use their bedazzling kit! Go invent your own style Trends.

  • Leopard Print

Only a lady older than 30 has the sass to attire something as bold as leopard print and the self-confidence enough in who they are as a Homo sapiens to pass-it-off.

You under-30s have scarcely begun to figure out your arses from a hole in the pound, and therefore do not have the pledge of their dwelling in life to tug off a vivid-kitty-print like us fine-ass pumas.

  • Sparkly Trousers

Sparkly pants are a delinquency counter to humanity in general, and not a single person should wear them. Indeed, on New Year’s Eve… Despite if they are “Elton John”.

  • Oversized Sunglasses

These were sexy when you were juvenile, but as you grow older you just look like you are frustrating to look young. Wear standard sized sunglasses if you want to even wear them!

  • Mini Skirts

A woman who is 30 may not attire short dresses. People your age have families! What if your kid grows up and perceives an old image of you in your 30s wearing a mini costume?!

  • Butt Shorts

You never realize at what specific age it is appropriate to let your booty hang out? We do not also. Seemingly Jet Blue does not think it is suitable at any age as well. keep them for laundry diurnal and loafing around the house unless you want to be expelled from certain public zones and transportation.

  •  Glitter On Eyeshadow

Let us be tangible. Nobody can pull this look off apart from “Halloween” and “New Year’s eve”.

  •  Crop-Tops

Even though a crop top pairs well with high-waisted dress, those that are too skintight and short can make you look like you are wearisome too hard. In its place, shift to a longer, looser version that is off-the-shoulder for a nice-looking, fresh vibe.

  • Scrunchies and More Hair Ties

You are too brood to know this hitherto, but the Scrunchie is the protector of the mom sanity. This was a mastermind invention made for womankind to keep their hair out of their faces, out-of-food, and out of the hands of grabby babies. It is the quick save when you are running out the door to get your children to school so you can get work-out in before you bath for the day.

You have an hour to blow dry and chic your hair each day. Love it.

This belongs to us.

J-Bees ended up with this fashion quote “By age 30, women folk are likely to be a little extra mature, and they should attire like it too.”

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