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Get details about Southwest flights to Hawaii

rosekim March 20, 2024

Southwest Airlines is one of the major airlines based in the United States that provides the lowest flight booking service to various destinations. If you want to fly to Hawaii with Southwest and are looking for a convenient flight booking service, gather complete details about Southwest flights to Hawaii and avoid unnecessary trouble easily. You will get the entire facility when you fly with Southwest to reach your destination in Hawaii. You may get free entertainment, travel with two bags free, avoid paying for flight changes and cancellations, get flight credits, and so on. Hence, to avail of more benefits during your trip to Hawaii, quickly get complete details for your flight booking service. 

What airports in Hawaii does Southwest fly to? 

If you want to enjoy your trip to Hawaii and visit the beautiful beaches and sights, you must book your flight with Southwest in advance and quickly get significant deals and offers. You will get the cheapest flight booking service if you choose the nearby airport to arrive in Hawaii. Hence, you need to have significant details about the airports in Hawaii and select your favorite airport to land in Hawaii, as given below.

  • Hilo, ITO, Island of Hawaii.
  • Honolulu, HNL, Oahu.
  • Kahului, OGG, Maui.
  • Kona, KOA, Island of Hawaii.
  • Lihue, LIH, Kauai and so on.    

Southwest direct flights to Hawaii? 

If you want to plan your trip to Hawaii with Southwest Airlines, you can get direct flights by selecting the genuine airport in Hawaii. When you travel to Hawaii, you will enjoy the stunning beaches and rich culture of Hawaii and make your trip unforgettable. But, if you want to make your journey more varied and varied, you can start planning your adventure trip from an island location. You must explore Southwest flights to Hawaii from many major cities in the US, such as  Atlanta, New York, Los Angeles, and San Francisco. So, if you are traveling from this location and looking for a direct flight to Hawaii, choose Southwest Airlines and make your flight journey convenient every time. 

Do Southwest Hawaii flights have meals? 

Yes, Southwest Hawaii flights provide you with the best meals and alcoholic beverages, as well as free sodas, juice, and coffee. 
Hence, when you fly with Southwest flights between the US mainland and Hawaii, you will enjoy the luxurious flight journey and get a full meal during your travel. If you want to fly with Southwest and plan your trip with your family and friends, you will get complete facilities to make your flight journey more comfortable until you reach your destination. 


What is the average duration to fly to Hawaii from the US mainland?

If you want to fly to Hawaii from the US, it takes an average duration of around  5 to 6 hours, depending on the airport you have chosen. If you want to get the average duration details from different airports in Hawaii from the US, check out the list below.

  • Long Beach to Honolulu: 5 hours, 18 minutes.
  • Oakland to Lihue: 5 hours, 50 minutes.
  • Sacramento to Kahului: 5 hours, 50 minutes.
  • San Diego to Honolulu: 6 hours, 26 minutes.
  • San Jose, to Kahului: 5 hours, 32 minutes.

Can I change my flight reservation for my flight to Hawaii?

Yes, you can change your flight reservation for your flight to Hawaii online from anywhere at no charge, but you have to pay the difference in the charges. 

What is the best month to fly to Hawaii?

If you want to fly to Hawaii, select the best month stats from April through June and mid-August through mid-September, making your flight journey more affordable and suitable. 

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