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Get Some Beautiful Prints on Nail Polish Boxes without Extra Charges

markalan06 March 24, 2021

Nail polish is the most alluring and eye-catchy makeup product in the cosmetic industry. The nail polish boxes have the ability to augment and enhance the aura and beauty of these artistic products. You can get them according to the exact prerequisites you desire for. Many packaging companies in the USA are providing these packages in numerous sizes and shapes which meet your product needs or requirements. The color themes matching with your brand personality can also be chosen in this regard. Not just that, the newer technologies have made it possible to imprint the patterns, illustrations, and graphics you like. Let us see how you can get beautiful prints on the nail polish packages.

Numerous color options:

Previously, it was not possible to customize the nail polish boxes in colorful themes to give a hint of your brand personality. But now, the packaging suppliers are offering you immense flexibility in choosing the colors for your packaging. Mainly, they use two-color models, i.e., CMYK and PMS. The CMYK model consists of four different colors, namely, cyan, magenta, yellow, and key (black). By mixing these 4 basic colors, countless color combinations can be obtained. Similarly, the PMS (Pantone Matching System) model can be utilized for choosing the colors you want to print on the packaging. The choice between these two models depends on the nature of print you want on the nail polish packages. If you want to print photos and other multi-colored graphics, the CMYK model is the best option since it provides high-quality results. Utilizing these color options, you can print the themes on the packaging that precisely match your overall brand theme.

Customize as per theme option:

Printing of the nail polish packages according to the themes of big days, festivals, and events are being offered by many companies all over the USA. You can have your packaging printed with the information about the event you are hosting. For instance, the name of the event, time and date, venue or location, call to action, etc. For hosting an event at a college, you can get your packaging printed in a way to promote your brand. In case you are eyeing selling your items at the event of Christmas, you can always print the packages in a way to match the theme of this event. The packaging companies make sure that your nail polish packages are “on the theme.” For example, if you are running a vintage fair to sell nail polishes, you can get your packages printed with a vintage look.

Innovative printing technologies:

With the technology becoming more advanced, the packaging companies have also become advanced and are utilizing state-of-the-art printing methods. Digital printing is the most affordable printing technique and can provide you with efficient results as well. This technique involves the application of a computerized mesh which uses an inkjet printer to process the illustrations and graphics on the cardboard or paper. It is a popular method for providing greater color accuracy and producing high-quality results on the boxes. Screen printing is another popular and one of the most efficient methods utilized for printing on the boxes. It also uses a mesh to transfer the inks on paper or cardboard, and you can easily print the designs of your choices. Apart from these methods, some other techniques are also getting trendy such as offset, 3D, rotogravure, and flexographic printing, etc. The designs printing by these modern techniques are of higher resolution and do not get fade over time.

Enticing textures and patterns:

It is possible to design the nail polish packages with the texture you want and various kinds of intricate patterns to invite the customers towards the cosmetic products packed inside. Various companies are offering to add tactile effects to your boxes. You can opt for the raised UV coatings to give a smooth sensory experience to your visitors. The soft-touch coatings can also be utilized in this respect. Likewise, different kinds of patterns can be printed to convey different feelings and emotions to your target audience. For example, the designers can imprint the Art Deco pattern on your nail polish packages if you want to give a vintage feeling to your visitors. Various other patterns can also be used, such as chevron, blots, polka dots, etc., depending upon the psyche you want to convey to the audience for whom you are designing the box.

Many packaging companies in the USA are offering nail polish boxes along with quality printing services. These boxes can be printed with the branded color schemes in order to showcase your branding to the target audience. With the help of modern printing techniques, one can imprint the designs as per their wish on these packages or according to different event themes.

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