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Golf Course Maintenance Equipment That We Need Less Frequently

johnmiller3413 February 26, 2021

When we talk about golf course maintenance, a mower is not just the only thing you need to consider. Turf growing in the golf course requires different types of equipment to maintain uniformity. Apart from the maintained area, you also have to pay attention to the hazards. Taking care of a landmass of around 70 hectares is not like farming. Its maintenance is way more complicated and only expert hands can execute the job efficiently. Golf course mowers are the most frequently used tools in golf courses because turf grows continuously. Still, we should remember the significance of less frequently required maintenance equipment. Below is a list of golf course maintenance equipment that we need occasionally but play an important role. 

Less frequently required golf course maintenance equipment

  1. Aerators

Continuous use of a golf course turns its surface hard. Consequently, the growth of new grass shoots is severely affected. The aerator is equipment capable of punching holes in the soil that allow adequate oxygen to the roots. 

  1. Bunker rakes

As we mentioned above, hazards also require proper care in a golf course. Bunkers are the areas in a golf course filled with brittle sand. Bunker rake is a golf course equipment dedicated to maintaining the brittleness of sand. Rain aur moisture in the air gradually hardens the surface of sand after some time. Sand bunkers are traps that need to be brittle enough to create difficulty for players. We need bunker rakes less frequently but they are also important. 

  1. Dethatcher

Golf course mowers are meant for maintaining the size of turf in different areas. A golf captain has to keep the turf of the tee box, greens, fairway and rough in a uniform manner. During the mowing process, all the trimmed grass is not collected. It gradually turns into layers on the ground. To an extent, dead grass particles act as organic manure but there is a limit. If the layer is getting thicker, it blocks the further growth of new grass shoots. Dethatcher is equipment capable of removing this extra layer of dead grass and other organic particles. 

  1. Cleaning equipment

When we talk about cleaning equipment, this includes three different categories i.e. blower, sweeper, and vacuum.  Equipment meant for commercial use in golf courses are different from domestic tools. The vacuum, sweeper, and blower will be extremely powerful to execute the job of cleaning more efficiently and faster. Usually, we need three of them during the autumn season when an enormous amount of leaves fall from trees. Apart from the autumn season, we also need them occasionally for keeping the golf course clean. 
These are the four important golf course equipment we need less frequently but play a significant role in maintenance.

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