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alinabeths February 1, 2021

Wedding cakes play a vital role in the wedding party. In reality, some brides are now planning their entire wedding around their cake theme. Although the traditional white, delicious cakes topped with the bride-and-groom figures still predominate, vibrant cakes featuring eye-catching themes and personally significant paintings have taken a firm grip of a special cake bakery near us. What kind of cake are you going to choose? What is it meant to taste like? You want the special day to linger, after all, in the sensory experiences of both style and taste. With this write-up, you will make your wedding cake a visual marvel and a culinary delight!


The wedding cake theme relates to your preference for the kind of wedding you are having and the general mood you are taking, whether formal, casual, modern, conventional, indoor, or outdoor. Whether you have set the style, you will make all this knowledge accessible to your cake designer and send him/her pictures or an idea of the decor with colors and textures, themes, and patterns.

Theme wedding cakes may not only represent the ceremony but may also be focused on the wedding venue. For example, a wedding cake topper may involve a palm tree on a sand bar or some surfing or mountain climbing. In this way, the standard bride-and-groom dummy on the top can be modified with a slight touch of style.

So, you see how the ideas evolve and how the wedding cake variations are infinite, personal, and precious to every couple and their circle of friends and family.

Traditional wedding cakes are a circle type, but they can be modified in various designs of square shape. Another up-to-date theme is decorating tire cakes with asymmetrical, cascading designs of bright, colorful fresh flowers. All special cake bakeries nearby consult wedding cake flower makers to mix and match the correct flowers. Another change is to put a large satin ribbon across the base of each tier of the cake. 

Mimicking a design or a wedding dress theme cake is another beautiful trend that aims to plan the wedding as a whole. The cake designer may replicate or clone the bride’s special necklace while frosting the dress’s lace or embroidery pattern. For a more playful look, bakers might only place some jewels on the cake, including crystals or fake pearls, to mirror the bride’s jewelry. In the meantime, the traditional wedding cake is still-filled with frosting flowers and swirls.


Who does not remember a rich-frosted slice of wedding cake that was so gorgeous? And if you cannot impress everybody with your choice of cake and frosting, you can make sure that your partner too offers his/her choice so that you pick the best flavor for your guests. 

White Frosting

The most popular wedding cake frosting is rich white crème. You should add filling between layers, and you would have a range of options, such as caramel, chocolate mousse, butter-cream, peach, strawberry jam, and apricot preserves.

Chocolate Cake

Most wedding guests enjoy chocolate cake, and the brides at last serve it more frequently, even though it might be covered beneath conventional white frosting. Chocolate pastry cakes in Florida are becoming one of couples’ top choices for their wedding occasion. Many brides still opt for the opulent treat with chocolate cake, chocolate icing, chocolate frosting, and chocolate ornament. 

Marble Cake

A marble cake will be the solution to try to satisfy everybody, and any cut slice can make a stunning show on its tray. Another satisfying approach for people is to combine layers of chocolate cake and white crème.

Carrot cake 

Carrot cakes are the number one choice for a fall or winter weddings. The typical cream cheese frosting used on the carrot cake would leave your guests finger-licking their slice of cake. 

Royal Icing 

Thanks to the elegant and glamorous appearance of Royal Icing, it is also used for festive wedding cakes and delicate cake decorations.

Fondant Cake 

Thin sheets of sweet thick icing are used to cover the layers of cake to provide it a smooth touch. Fondant offers an ideal foundation for icing, which is selected more for aesthetics than for taste so that you would get the tastier layer of frosting beneath.

So, do not let your budget restrict the role that your wedding cake will play in your wedding. It is going to be exclusive to your special day. If it is conventional or themed, the wedding cake is going to have a lifetime memory.

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