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How Cloud Computing in Mobile Application Impacts and Challenges?

shivtechnolabs October 29, 2020

The growth of mobile apps and internet connectivity has enabled mobile app developers and customers to store and connect with data in a way that has never come up before.

Cloud provides you unlimited processing that allowed developers to reach new levels of functions. Today, many big firms have made a great transition to cloud computing, whereas some hesitate to incorporate cloud computing within their mobile app development process. Everyone is getting comfortable with native apps until now, the recent trends in the app development world have brought cloud computing to the limelight. 

As per the research of Global Cloud Index (Cisco), mobile cloud apps are gaining more popularity in past one year, it predicts that cloud apps would drive 92% of the global mobile data traffic by the end of 2020. This shows that how fast cloud technology is expanding its reach, embracing cloud computing for mobile apps is a great stepping stone for your successful business. 

What is Cloud Computing?

The definition of cloud computing is continuously evolving according to its characteristics, offerings, service, and deployment models. Generally, cloud computing is defined as an on-demand network access to a pool of resources without any interaction with the service provider.

To put it in simple terms, cloud computing ensures quick and easy availability of parts of significant resources to clients who are charged based on usage. You can adjust computing capacity as per need for a given task in cloud computing.

What is Cloud Mobile App?

It is a mobile app that you can access through the cloud. Cloud application offers great services and features like, most of the processing is carried out on a remote cloud server. There are popular features that cloud mobile apps provide; Asana, Dropbox, & Apple’s iCloud services.

Let’s Dive into Effects of Cloud Computing in Mobile Apps

Mobile cloud computing provides a great opportunity for developers to add innovative features in apps, here I have outlined the impact of cloud computing on the realm of mobile app development.

Cost Reduction

The cost or budgeting of native mobile apps depends on multiple factors; design, complexity of the app. whereas cloud apps, on the other hand, reduces the app development cost because you only have to develop one application for multiple platforms.

A single codebase is one of the best choices for SMEs who don’t have much budget to fund native mobile apps for multiple platforms. Mobile app developers may overlook the ongoing maintenance cost related to an app. But for an app to function properly, it needs to be maintained and updated to eliminate glitches & lags.

Platform Compatibility

Mobile app developers can build a single app & launch it on cross-platforms like, iOS & Android. Because the application is stored on the cloud instead of a platform. You won’t face any issue as long as you have a stable internet connection. One of the great benefits is cloud mobile applications are compatible across multiple platforms, which reduce both the development cost and time.

No Requirement of Storage Space in the Smartphone

All the data of a cloud-based app is stored on a cloud server that is located remotely plus you can access it through any device with an internet connection. Besides, you don’t have to go through several installations since they run from a browser and it doesn’t not require space on the smart phone for proper operation. 

If you are struggling with low storage space on your smart phone, you don’t have to free up space on the phone to access a cloud-based app. What I mean is cloud apps specifically work like web-based apps & can be accessed directly from the central server.


Scalability refers to the attribute of an app to extend its capacity & functions to meet growing user’s demand. In cloud apps, you don’t have to install the new features to their device every time you do modification to the app.

Let’s discuss about the challenges for cloud computing in Mobile apps:

Now the basic concept of using cloud computing in mobile apps is all about providing a mobile application in the cloud through a cloud service provider so that we can deliver it to the end-user with an internet connection. Of course, several elements are included in this process with some extent of challenges that hinder the ubiquity of cloud-based apps.

Information Security

From the very beginning, security is the basic concern for cloud apps since they store & process users’ data. Mobile app Development Company require to work with third-party cloud service providers. It ensures that all the policies regarding user authentication, access control, & general communication security are followed, & measures are taken to enforce them. 

Resource Deficiency of Mobile Devices

We all know that mobile devices come with the feature of mobility, it provides you low processing power, memory, & network bandwidth. This shows the low key resource deficiency of smart phones which is a huge concern for the adoption of cloud-based apps. 

Lack of Fast Speed Internet Access

For seamless access to a cloud app, you need to have a stable internet connection. I know this is quite disappointing that most parts of the world still suffer from low-speed internet access.

Although most of the internet providers now offer 4G/LTE services to resolve the internet connection issues, it is still far from becoming mainstream. Because many users are unable to access the rich features of cloud-based apps that require speedy internet access.


The use of cloud computing in mobile apps is going hand in hand with several benefits; compatibility, scalability, & cost reduction. Hire mobile app developers from Shiv Technolabs to develop, test, and publish your five-star mobile cloud application.

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