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How do I recover my TurboTax account?

helpdesk August 4, 2021

A software which makes the calculator for Income Tax returns easy and smooth. TurboTax is a software used by various groups of people who are diligently willing to keep and maintain a proper record on their hands for their tax returns. In the sector of providing services which helps you to maintain your income tax returns, TurboTax is at the top of its game.

How do I speak to a live person at TurboTax?

If you have an account with TurboTax which you cannot access anymore, well that will prove to be a very troublesome situation, won’t it? The minute something like this happens, the only question you’ll be getting in your mind is How do I recover my TurboTax account, no problem the below mentioned points will help you to recover your TurboTax account very easily;

Recover your TurboTax account

TurboTax account recovery;

First of all, restart your device you are planning to do the recovery process on.
Once it restarts, open the official application of TurboTax on your device.
Once you get the access, go to the section of ‘Accounts Recovery Page’ of TurboTax.
A contact form will pop up on which you’ll have to input your Full Name, your contact details like your phone number and the email address affiliated to your TurboTax account and you’ll have to answer the security questions which you must have set on the day you created your account.
Once you fill out all the necessary details, it will show a prompt asking your preferred manner in which you would like to recover your account.
It’s up to you to select the email address option or the phone number option.
Select the desired option and continue.
Now, check the alternative method for a link and click on that.
It will then allow you to set a new password for your TurboTax account.
Make a strong password with the combination of Uppercase, Lowercase and Special characters.
Close the software and try to access it again.
If you still cannot gain access to your account, contact TurboTax customer service for the extra assistance you require to access your account in a jiffy.

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