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How does vaping help you quit smoking

olivialixx47 December 12, 2022

Below are practical tips

  1. Favor products recognized as smoking cessation aids: nicotine substitutes or drugs . They are safe and their effectiveness has been proven. If you’d rather not use them, can’t stand them, or just don’t like them, the nicotine Vaping is an alternative worth trying.
  2. If possible, quit smoking completely if you use e-cigarettes as a cessation aid. Avoid smoking and vaping at the same time, it brings almost no health benefits.
  3. Do not buy online, seek advice from a store specializing in sales and maintenance.
  4. Test different tastes before choosing the one you like best. 
  5. Use liquid with nicotine.
  6. The dose of nicotine depends on your smoking habits and the power of your device. For advice on quitting smoking, you can contact a tobacco specialist or Vapemall. Consult a salesperson at a Vapemall for advice on using the devices.
  7. Don’t worry if you vape more and more often than when you were smoking. 

How to maximize my chances of success to quit smoking with the Vaping?

Most users use e-cigarettes to cut down or quit smoking. Some smokers manage to reduce the number of cigarettes, but still continue to smoke. However, the e-cigarette is only a good way to help you quit if you switch to it entirely. It can reduce your urge to smoke. On the other hand, you keep the gesture of bringing your hand to your mouth. 

Which model to choose?

Newer models are more convenient to use. Learn about the different types of e-cigarettes available and choose the one that’s right for you.

Which taste to choose?

Test different tastes before choosing the one you like best. Favor tastes with a single flavor (for example mint, strawberry, etc.) and avoid cocktails.

Most smokers prefer sweet fruit flavors to get away from tobacco flavors. Others, on the other hand, start with a tobacco flavor because it is familiar to them.

Absolutely avoid making your own mixtures.

CAUTION: Never use liquids containing oil or substances not intended for Vapes, such as cannabis oil, as this can cause serious lung problems.

How many mg of nicotine?

The amount of nicotine absorbed by the user will depend on several factors:

  • The nicotine content of the liquid
  • The composition of the liquid
  • The user’s inhalation technique
  • The power of the device (the more powerful your device, the less nicotine you will need)

In pre-filled cartridges, the liquid usually contains nicotine salts. These devices have a low battery power, and the refills therefore contain a high concentration of nicotine. In Europe, the maximum dose is 20mg/ml.

Use the dose of nicotine adapted to your needs, you can always increase it if you need to vape more often. Heavy smokers can combine the e-cigarette with patches to better adjust the dosage. Do not reduce your dose of nicotine too quickly. There is no rule in this matter: use the e-cigarette as long as necessary to avoid starting to smoke again. But remember the end goal: to quit smoking and vaping.

Make sure you always have a supply of liquid or pre-filled cartridges (POD).
If you crave nicotine and you’re out of refills, you’re likely to relapse buying or asking someone for a cigarette.

Can’t vape? Bring another nicotine substitute so as not to suffer from withdrawal (tablet, spray, etc.).

Ask Vapemall or another tobacco specialist for advice on how to correctly determine your nicotine dose and gradually reduce it.

It is by forging that one becomes a blacksmith…

Take the time to get used to the e-cigarette, you may smoke at times. Practice using it before quitting smoking for good. Then set a date and, on that day, switch definitively and completely to the e-cigarette.

Don’t worry if you vape more and more often than when you were smoking. It’s normal. In the (long) term, also try to stop vaping. If it is difficult to lose the habit of the gesture, do not hesitate to seek advice from Vapemall or another tobacco specialist.


Get accompanied:

It is not always easy to navigate and make the right choices. This is why we recommend that you be accompanied by a tobacco specialist: both before (preparation phase) and immediately after your smoking cessation. E-cigarettes can help you deal with the physical craving for nicotine, but there are also psychological and behavioral aspects of addiction to consider. After stopping, the tobacco specialist can also give you advice on how not to relapse. You can contact our tobacco specialists free of charge on 0800 111 00 or through our online form.

You can also find a tobacco specialist in your area.

What if I can’t stop smoking completely?

The e-cigarette is only a good cessation tool if you switch completely to the e-cigarette and give up the tobacco cigarette. It can reduce cravings but you still have the habit of putting your hand to your mouth. It can therefore be a step in the right direction if you are not ready to quit smoking completely.

And if the e-cigarette helps me reduce the number of conventional cigarettes, but I still continue to smoke a little bit, what should I do?

The ideal is to stop, both smoking and vaping.

Some choose the e-cigarette to reduce their consumption without completely quitting smoking. Others stay attached to steam for a long time, with no desire to gradually part with it. Our advice remains to use the e-cigarette as an intermediate step towards a complete cessation of nicotine, and to switch to complete vaping during this intermediate period. 

The use of the e-cigarette is safer than that of the traditional cigarette, but it is certainly not without risk. Data are still insufficient to properly assess long-term risks. 

Finally, there is no health benefit if you continue to smoke while vaping.

Many vapers say that their health has improved after quitting smoking, despite their daily use of e-cigarettes: better breathing, relief from lung problems, better physical shape…

There is indeed a reduction in short-term health risks.

It is therefore better to vape than to smoke, everyone agrees!

We strongly advise you, as for young people, not to start smoking if you have never smoked before. If you don’t inhale nicotine, you can’t become addicted to it.

How to choose a quality e-cigarette and what should I pay attention to when using it?

  1. Buy quality and validated products: before being marketed on the Belgian market, all products must follow a quality control and registration procedure. Go to a specialty store to find a quality e-cigarette. The seller will help you choose the model, as well as the aroma and nicotine dosage that suits you. 
  2. An e-cigarette requires maintenance: it is important to properly maintain rechargeable models. Replace the resistor every two weeks. When the tank is empty, let it drain in the sink before refilling Vape flavours in it. If misused, the e-cigarette will produce an unpleasant burning taste (‘dry hit’) and release harmful substances. 
  3. Avoid mechanical tube vapers that do not have electronic circuitry to adjust the battery voltage, as they do not have overheating or thermal explosion protection.
  4. Keep the e-cigarette out of reach of children and animals: Nicotine is a very harmful substance for children and animals, whether it is absorbed by the mouth or the skin. In this sense, the pre-filled cartridges present less risk, but on the other hand it is easier for children to inhale the vapor because you do not have to press a button simultaneously. 
  5. Think about the environment: Pre-filled cartridges are difficult to recycle because they contain electronics and are contaminated with nicotine. For the moment, we have little information on this subject. Rechargeable models are a little less harmful to the environment. Never throw them in the trash.
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