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How to fix printer Wifi connection error?

techsquad2 December 29, 2021

Printer devices have become advanced and now you can connect the printer wirelessly. Now printer models offer multifunctionality so you can use a single device for printing, scanning, and fax purposes. In a wired connection, the user can connect the printer to certain devices only. But when you access the printer from lots of devices wirelessly. The user can also share his printer on the network. But sometimes the user gets issues with the printer WiFi connection. 

Reasons behind printer Wi-Fi connection

  1. The printer Wi-Fi function is not working
  2. WPS pin is not enabled
  3. The printer driver is not supporting
  4. The firewall is interrupting the connection
  5. You have malware on the system
  6. Printer related files get corrupted

Troubleshooting printer Wi-Fi connection issues

Restart your printer

The printer can show connection issues on Wi-Fi when it gets into some runtime error. The runtime errors of the printer can be resolved by power restarting it. When the printer is switched on; remove the electrical cord. Reconnect your cord and the printer must start automatically. Now press its Wi-Fi button and check for the available SSID. Choose the correct SSID to connect the printer. After connection, you can take your printouts.

Check for WPS pin

For the direct printer connection; you will require the WPS. If the Brother printer not connecting then inspect the WPS on the router. If it is disabled, enable the pin manually. Restart the router and then enable the WPS. But not all routers have a physical WPS pin. Check the router for the pin; if it doesn’t have the pin then try to connect the printer to Wi-Fi using the standard method.

Set the printer for wireless connection

Before searching for the network; the user has to set the printer for wireless connection. Also, make sure your printer has Wi-Fi functionality. On the printer, go to its menu button and choose the network option. Use arrow keys and click on the Setup wizard. Click Yes on the WLAN to enable the option and now the printer gets ready for Wi-Fi connection. When you press the printer’s Wi-Fi button; the lamp must start blinking. If the network is available then you can see the SSID on the printer screen. Choose the network and then you can connect the printer to Wi-Fi.

Reset the printer

If the user is getting Wi-Fi connection issues after making changes on the printer then undo those changes. Reopen the printer’s settings page and then revert those changes. Once you provide the correct settings, the printer will start working. But when you forget the changes on your printer; use the reset tool. Reset the printer to factory settings and then reconfigure it for wireless printing. Open the Menu page and tap on its Initial Setup page. Now click on the Reset button and tap on OK. Choose Factory reset and the printer will start resetting. When the printer restarts with factory settings; check the wireless configuration and connect the printer. 

Disable the firewall

Many times, printer WiFi connection gets interrupted due to the firewall. The user installs the firewall on his system to protect the device from internet threats and unwanted connections. When the printer sends a connection request; the firewall inspects it and blocks it. The printer will show connection issues until you disable the firewall on your PC. Go to the computer and then open the firewall app. Disable the firewall temporarily and then retry to connect the printer device. Now the printer will find the network for connection. Check the printer status and then take the printouts.

Run printer troubleshooter

If the printer is not connecting to a certain device then check for its printer files. Without the required files, no printer will connect to the device. Finding and repairing the printer files is difficult. You can use the printer troubleshooter to inspect the corrupted files. The tool will automatically repair the files and then you can try connecting the printer wirelessly.

Repair the printer driver

Whenever you find connection issues; go to the printer driver. The driver is necessary to send the print jobs. If the driver is not installed or gets corrupted then the printer will show numerous issues. Check the driver and try to update it. If the driver still shows the errors then reinstall it. Get a new driver setup for the printer and take the printouts easily. 

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