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How to fix the Avast! Antivirus Error 42102

searchkarlo September 29, 2020

Avast is a globally famous antivirus software which has one of the most numbers of downloads. Avast antivirus provides various advanced features and tools to the user for data and network security. Avast antivirus also offers free antivirus plans. But you can only get the basic security tools in freeware. If you want to prevent your device from all the dangerous threats then you have to get a premium Avast antivirus plan which can provide you with all kinds of advanced features. Along with the features, Avast also provides good customer service. If you get into any error like Avast error 42102 then you can ask for the help anytime. Most of the Avast errors occur due to some runtime issues which can easily be resolved manually. You can try a few manual techniques and if you are unable to troubleshoot the error then ask for technical help.

Check the system compatibility

Avast antivirus offers various antivirus plans according to the device compatibility which means you can’t install a Windows setup on Mac unless it is a multi-license plan. Avast antivirus has some resource requirements like processor, RAM, and hard disk. If your device is not able to fulfill the requirements of Avast antivirus then error 42102 will appear while installing the setup. If your device is dealing with low disk space then you can remove large files like movies, gaming applications, etc from your PC. Now try to install antivirus. If you are unable to fulfill the requirements then cancel the current subscription and get an Avast refund. Get a new Avast plan which is compatible with your PC.

Remove the conflicting program

Error 42102 can also occur when another program is conflicting with your antivirus. The conflict issues can appear due to any third-party program on your computer. If Avast error is appearing when you open a certain program then that program is conflicting with your antivirus. Go to the Apps folder and search for the program which is creating issues. Right-click on the program and tap the uninstall button. You may have to follow a few on-screen wizards for completing the uninstallation process. Conflict issues can also occur when you have another antivirus program on your PC. If you use Avast antivirus with another antivirus program then they will start conflicting whenever any virus or malware appears. You should always install one antivirus program on your device. Again go to the Apps folder and uninstall the other antivirus from your PC. Now restart your device and check whether your Avast error gets fixed or not. 

Repair the registry files

Avast error occurs when the registry files get broken. Go to the registry editor and check for the corrupted files. Try repairing the registry files only when you have technical knowledge. Repairing the registry files is difficult. A single mistake can corrupt your other files also. Before you edit the files, make sure you take a backup key. You can follow the mentioned steps for creating Avast error backup key:

  1. Close the error wizard 
  2. Close all the running programs
  3. Click on the start button
  4. Go to the search menu and type command
  5. Press and hold shift and ctrl keys 
  6. Hit the Enter button
  7. You will get a permission prompt on your screen
  8. Read the wizard and click on Allow button
  9. Now you will get the Windows command screen (black box with blinking cursor)
  10. Go to the command screen and type regedit
  11. Press the Enter button

Windows registry editor screen will appear. You will see a list of registry entries. Click on the registry entry related to Avast antivirus. Now hit the export button to save the file on your desktop. Save the registry file with .reg extension. Once you create the backup key, edit the registry files for restoring the corruption. Restart your device and check whether your Avast error gets fixed or not.

Undo the recent changes

If the Avast antivirus error is appearing after making changes on your device then you can fix the error by reverting the recent changes. Go to the settings and undo all your changes. You can also use the System Restore tool for reverting the changes. If you are unable to fix the error then ask the Avast antivirus team for help.

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