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How To Grow Organic And Sustainable Food

Alison.p July 11, 2021

One of the healthiest things that you can do is grow your produce so that it will be sustainable and organic. There are so many different benefits that come with growing your organic produce. It is sustainable because you won’t be using chemical pesticides. Therefore, it won’t be bad for the environment. If you are looking into being more sustainable, here is how you can grow your organic produce.

Test Your Soil

Before you get into planting your produce, you have to test your soil to ensure that the alkaline content and acidity levels are good. All you need for that is a kit you can purchase at every plant nursery centre or online. The levels you are looking for all depend on the type of prejudice you will grow, but most require a balanced ph. By determining your soil type, you will be able to know how much and what kind of compost you need to use to adjust the ph levels.

Pick The Right Seeds

The first step when you are planning your organic produce is finding the organic seeds. When you are picking which plants you will plant in your garden, you must consider what climate and terrain you have. The best option for you is to pick native produce as it will thrive in your climate. No matter what you decide to plant, make sure that you choose a wide variety of produce and herbs because that will create a healthy growing environment, and it is helping out your local pollinators.

Companion Planting

You need to know that sustainable gardens aren’t planted in the same way as traditional gardens are. Produce is planted beside flowers and herbs for natural protection from any pests. Sometimes it can even enhance the flavour of your produce.

For example, if you plant tomatoes and basil next to each other, your tomato will be more flavorful, and the plant will be healthier because the basil will stop any insects from attacking it. That is why the best thing you can do when you are making a sustainable garden is to mix herbs with produce to keep all the bests away, and you can make it taste better at the same time.

Water Is The Key

One of the main things that will make your garden sustainable is how you will manage your water. In ideal conditions, you will use clean rainwater to promote healthy growth in your products and avoid any contamination. The most cost-effective and sustainable way is to collect the rainwater in barrels which will also reduce soil erosion. You can also look into smart farming solutions to make it easier and more sustainable.

Learn To Compost

Just like saving water, composting is the key to sustainable gardening. When you are composting, you are raising your waste as well as not using fertilisers as this is a natural one. It will make your soil archer, and you will have a larger and healthier crop. It doesn’t have to be anything complicated; you can gather kitchen scraps and use them as compost. If you can’t collect enough on your own you can ask the local market to give you their scraps or your neighbours. It is also one of the steps to making your kitchen more sustainable also.

Use Mulch

Not a lot of people know just how many benefits you can get from laying down mulch in your garden. It will keep your soil moist, and it will stop weeds from taking over your garden, as you aren’t using any chemicals. You can purchase mulch for any nursery store, or you can make your own by combining wood ships, leaves as well as pine needles. Just like with compost, you can ask your neighbours to help you out.

There is nothing more fulfilling and rewarding than having your sustainable garden. It will not only provide you with organic food, but you will also be able to appreciate your land and learn to take care of Earth. By doing these steps above you will be able to make the sustainable organic garden that will provide for you for years and years to come.

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