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How to Rent Properties in Qatar

salkhzlyh December 2, 2021

While Qatar has recently opened portions of its property market to allow foreigners to purchase property, most expats are still renting. Three-quarters of the population – most of them expats – rent houses and apartments. More than 60% of properties available in the country are rented out to residents.

The cost of renting a home in Qatar is expensive. According to a report from the real estate service company Colliers International, an average household living abroad spends more than three-quarters of its earnings on rental. But, the less high price of utilities (water electric, water gas, and water) can offset rental costs in large part. If budgeting is an issue, it is possible to avoid the temptation to buy the villa and go instead for an apartment.

The Renting Process

The rental process for Qatar is fast and efficient; however, you must be sure that you have the necessary documents in the correct place. Most rental contracts are annually renewed and contain strict rules about rules and regulations. Be sure to read the contract carefully and search for the important details! 

There are likely to be some (or at the very least certain) or all of them impervious to water and possibly skewed favor of your landlord the best way to avoid this would be to eliminate any doubts and set out the conditions in writing. For example, is the property’s facilities pet-friendly? Are guests able to stay with you? This can prevent any confusion later.

The majority of rental properties require you to provide post-dated cheques throughout the term of your lease before when you can move into. Be assured, however, that this is the way the market works; they’re not trying to single you out. 

Be sure to keep in mind that Qatar is an Islamic country, and you must be aware of certain rules. For instance, you have to be married to get a rental property as a couple in Qatar. You might be permitted to do it. However, it’s not advisable to risk it.

Popular Places to Rent in Qatar

The former airport Area The Old Airport Area: for those looking to live in a historic area of Doha, This is where the airport of the past was. The area is mainly filled with large, spacious villas suitable for various budgets, suitable for families.

Al Saad:

The home of the iconic Al Saad Sports Complex. The area around Doha is filled with medical centers, malls, and other amenities.

West Bay: Insulated from the hustle and bustle, this is a tranquil section of town facing the ocean. It’s an exclusive Tony neighborhood that has a variety of luxurious residences and elegant high-rises. Be willing to pay a premium cost for its luxuries.

Al Dafna:

The downtown area is located in Doha and is easily connected to the rest of the city. Many offices are located here, which means it’s a great option to live if you don’t require long commutes and are highly sought-after by expats. Plus, it’s sea-facing.

Lusail City:

One of the venues for the 2022 FIFA World Cup is a futuristic area 20 kilometers away from Doha. Construction is still in progress, and if you’re looking to experience futuristic times, then this’s the location you should go to.

Buying Vs. Renting In Qatar

In a piece published by that was published in March of 2019, “renting seems the most feasible option for expat households due to the lack of financial capital, the need for flexibility, and, most crucially, the uncertainty of the length of their stay in the country.

For those households that expect to stay for longer five consecutive years and have an income minimum of 15,000 QAR and can afford an amount that is at least 30% in the amount of capital purchasing is a feasible alternative to think about.”

The Gulf assignment or posting will likely be temporary, which means that you will not be able to make it an ongoing residency. Even if you’re considering a long-term plan, it will take at least two years to become accustomed to a different market/country, which is why, as soon as you have the landing renting from Qatar is the best way to take.

Types of Property to Rent In Qatar

When you’re looking to rent an apartment or house in Qatar, There are many choices. For instance, that comes with a variety of amenities and community living, which could be attractive when you have a large family. There are a lot of choices to look through before making an informed choice. It’s best to consider issues such as the cost of living, location accessibility, conveniences, and the proximity to your workplace and school; these can be useful when you move to the event of moving to a new location.

Tips for Renting In Qatar

  •  Double-check, examine, and triple-check your contract. Don’t overlook the fine print, and make sure there aren’t any omissions in your Translation from Arabic into English.  
  •  Don’t carry out any construction (breaking down walls, for example, or to increase space) or any other construction unless you have the written and explicit consent of the landlord. If you plan to have an area painted with a different hue, get the landlord’s approval first.  
  •  Do not cause trouble (children creating a stir in public spaces, as an instance);  
  •  If you’re planning to throw an event, make sure you inform your neighbors. Try to finish it off promptly;  
  •  Find out if the premises have a pet-friendly environment (if you own an animal);  
  •  Determine if any maintenance costs are provided in your contract. It generally is. However, you might need to find out to what extent. Also, determine the cost of any fees which aren’t usually included; however, it’s never hurt to inquire.  
  •  Be aware that cohabitation between unmarried couples is regarded as to be a crime in Qatar;  
  •  On Fridays, maintenance and building personnel are typically off. Be aware of this;  
  •  When it is time to hand over your villa or apartment when you leave, you must leave it to remain in the same condition (minus the required wear and tear, which should be specified in the agreement).  

Finding A Place to Rent In Qatar

The most common method to find a house available for rental in Qatar is to use licensed agents. There are numerous websites (see below) that provide a variety of options and with a range of budgets. The classified sections of newspapers (both printed and on the internet) will also provide helpful listings. They will also have agents’ contact numbers.

You can arrange meetings with them after an initial phone call. The majority of agents deal with many properties. So even if the property you saw on the internet doesn’t live according to what you expected, you could request for the representative to take you around other locations.

Sometimes, you’ll discover a property listed as a direct listing by the property’s owner so that you don’t have to pay an agent’s fee. Also, you can ask your local office if they own any properties that fall under their jurisdiction or the contact details of agents or landlords.

Rent Costs in Qatar

In Doha, Studio apartments in a desirable area (i.e., within walking distance of the city and with schools, convenience stores, and medical facilities in the vicinity) start around QR5 1,000 per month. A one-bedroom apartment can cost (approximately) up QR6, 000, based on the area and amenities available.

For two and three-bedroom apartments, be prepared to spend a minimum of QR7,500 per month. If you want to live in an upscale area, like The Pearl, it could range from QR10,000 and QR12 000. The most expensive villas will cost a minimum of QR15,000 and a month’s rent.

Agency Fees

Most likely, you’ll go via an agent. Agents typically charge about the equivalent of a month’s rent in charges. However, feel free to negotiate.

The Real Estate Lease Contracts Office will charge the annual fee for registration that is 0.5 percent of your annual rent amount of the property you own. The minimum fee is QR 250, and the maximum amount is QR2,500.

Renewal Fees

If you’re renewing your lease, there is no charge other than the one imposed from the Real Estate Lease Contracts Office.

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